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    mToolTip presets by Tigerix 0.1b

    Автор: Tigerix
    Лицензия: Open Source - GPL
    Требования: mTooltip, dbeditor++

    Добавлено: 31.3.2006
    Обновлено: 1.4.2006
    Скачано: 648×

    Скачать | Скачать исходный код



    Having customized my mTooltip configuration for a long while, I have finally decided to share it with you, based on the fact that there are nearly zero mTooltip customizations in the filelisting. So I encourage you to upload your customization :)

    I hope some people have a use for it. Feedback is appreciated, but I havent planned yet to put more work or other protocols into it, but you can feel free to enhance, modify, make it better, or whatever you like. Just let me know! :)

    Supported protocols:
    Gmail, ICQ, IRC, JABBER, JGMAIL, MetaContacts, mRadio, MSN, PING, RSSNews, SKYPE, Weather, YAMN

    Latest Dbeditor++ is required for Installation.
    (Instructions can be found in the readme.txt)

    Please save your mTooltip settings, before you install these presets!
    (Imagine you dont like them, and you want to go back to your previous configuration!)

    Be happy :-)