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    Spam Filter (beta)

    Автор: HeikoH
    Лицензия: Open Source - GPL
    Требования: Miranda IM 0.4.3+ (Popup Plugin for popups)

    Добавлено: 8.7.2005
    Обновлено: 6.5.2006
    Скачано: 319×

    Скачать | Скачать исходный код


    This is a BETA version! Be careful!

    >>>>>>>>>> *** IMPORTANT: ** <<<<<<<<<<
    Although spamfilterw.dll is included, please use only the ANSI version. The Unicode version does sent some garbage instead of the message text for some protocols.

    The new generation of the Spam Filter plugin.
    Spam Filter now became a set of spam fighting techniques all in one.
    It can be seen as a successor of the SpamBlock series (SpamBlock/SpamBlock+), the old SpamFilter, StopSpam and IgnoreContact altogether.

    I released the code so that somebody might continue maintaining the plugin.
    If you know how to code please feel free to continue my work and/or modify/enhance the plugin.
    If you have any questions on the source code feel free to contact me.

    + Filters out incoming spam messages
    + Spam filtering for all protocols
    + Improved spam filter (pretty accurate)
    + Recognizes also URLs with spaces
    + Supports Regular Expressions (RegExp) in its word filter (really powerful!)
    + Spam handling: either mark read or delete messages
    + Spaming contacts get automatically removed if there are no items in history
    + Spammer name/id auto ignoring
    + Easy adding of customized bad phrases
    + Spam alert via Sound or Popup (Popup plugin is needed for this feature)
    + Spam message logging to file
    + Supported file formats: TXT, LOG, CSV, XML (including XSL stylesheet)
    + Supports "ballon tips" for error display
    + Press control key to avoid messages to be checked for spam
    + Fully configurable with many options
    + Filter can be disabled temporarily on the options page
    + Large list of default bad phrases (about 80 well chosen english phrases at the moment)
    + Full translation support (default bad phrases, too)
    + Available Spam Definition languages: English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional)
    + Provides spam checking service functions for other plugins
    + Auto-Updates for Spam Definitions using Updater plugin
    + Full Unicode support
    + Automatic installation of all files, just unzip into Plugins directory
    + Supported plugins/tools: Miranda Installer, Popup/PopupPlus/YAPP, DatabaseEditor++, Updater, Variables Plugin, Trigger Plugin (http://www.pboon.nl/projects.htm), Icons Library Manager (IcoLib), Colour Picker, OSD Plugin/WannaBe OSD, Custom Profile Folder Plugin, MultiWindow Contact List (extra icon)


    SpamFilterAPI is available:
    See SpamFilter-SDK.zip for translation file, header files (m_spamfilter.h), API documentation and debug symbols

    Available Spam Definitions:

    Feel free to publish Spam Definitions in your own language :-)

    Easy Installation:
    Includes an automatic installation routine for easy installation. Just extract everything out of the zip-file into the Plugins folder. All files will be moved into their appropriate directories.

    Donate: ;)