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    Журнал изменений: VypressChat Protocol


    * Bumped version number a bit;
    * More broadcast masks can be specified (practically unlimited);
    * Fixed non-major bug with not handling nickname changes;
    * Check if there is another contact with the same name before changing
    it's nickname. This should help avoid duplicate nicknames on DB.
    * An option to lock contact nickname so the contact will not change
    the nickname if user changes it, and the contact will become offline
    * An option can be set for a user if he prefers private messages or
    private chats for communication (not for vypress chat 2.0+ clients);

    Total downloads: 9490


    - (2005-03-15)
    * Fix Vypress Chat 2.0 compatibility, message send/recv should work;
    * Messages can be sent even if the contact is offline; It will be
    delivered when the contact becomes online;
    * Add another user info page, where contact's nickname can be set;
    * Make 'Join Channel' dialog drop down list appear correctly on win98;
    * Add option whether to append user's nickname when topic is set.

    Total downloads: 1252


    - (2005-03-13)
    * Always show join/leave messages, even if the user left the net
    "quietly" (i.e. because his PC rebooted or similar cause);
    * Reply with who-here only on channels != "#Main";
    * Fix localized nicknames on chatrooms user lists;
    * Sound can be specified to be emitted when Alert Beep is received;
    * Fix some issues with very large user lists;
    * Show user gender in the generic info page;
    * Added user info page which shows computer name, user name,
    IP/IPX address, workgroup, platform, software version and user's
    channel list;
    * Put IP address edit controls back (thanks Alexander);
    * Fix several memory leaks;
    * Hash first outgoing message to seed rng correctly and avoid
    collisions if someone else on the network startups miranda exactly
    at the same second.

    Total downloads: 275


    - (2005-03-07)
    * Multiple broadcast masks can be specified (up to 3);
    * IPX network connection capability;
    * Support for UTF-8 and Vypress Chat 1.9x has been added.
    * "<Nickname> has renamed in <Nickname>" is no longer shown
    when nickname is not changed in options dialog after 'Apply'.
    * 'Join a channel' menu entry is now visible with modified clist_*'s.
    * Lots of various fixes and improvements.

    Total downloads: 488


    - 0.1 (2005-02-17)
    * first release;

    Total downloads: 997