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    Журнал изменений: Send Screenshot


    - Fix for PNG and BMP saving;

    Total downloads: 44838


    Version number correction

    Total downloads: 436


    * Fixed internal version number

    Total downloads: 18


    + Oficial multimonitor support, it's was already working with the previous version, at least for me;
    * Sendss now uses GDI+ to save BMP image files;
    * Removed the png2dib plugin dependency, now the sendss uses directly the GDI+ to save png images (as it does with gif and jpeg already). This also solve a problem reported by a user few days ago where the png image was not saved correctly;
    * Small performance improvements when editing images, some operations should be faster;
    * Other minor changes in the code, most is better error handling;
    - Fixed mispelling in translation support, where "unknown" was spelled as "unknow";
    - Fixed a small bug in "Send by ImageShack";
    - Fixed a couple of memory leaks;

    Total downloads: 3850


    * Changed how filenames for screenshots are done, now the plugin use a internal counting instead of detecting the next number by reading the files from the destination folder;
    * Changes to make the sendss work with the last version of folder plugins API;

    Total downloads: 11879

    Version 0.2.4

    + Service to allow other plugins to send image to imageshack;
    + Add a options to reuse the dialog after the capture;
    + Saving and restoring edit window position, size and state;
    + Selection tool. You may move the selection, left click outside to confirm or right click outside to cancel, the current will fill the rectangle hole;
    * Disable the DoubleBuffered for the scrollbox, this will make the image blink a lot on the edit window, but this improve speed of the graphic tools;
    * other minor changes and improvements;
    - Fixed edit window not restoring and saving options;
    - Fix for not remembering the timed capture option;
    - Other minor fixes;

    Total downloads: 1769

    Version 0.2.3

    + Add Updater Plugin Support;
    + Add button to explore the screenshot's folder;
    + Add service to allow other plugins to edit in-memory bitmaps; (read m_sendss.h included on the zipped source for more information)
    * Minor changes to auto-delete feature (for miranda's file transfer only);
    * Internal changes, mostly to dialog creation and destruction routines;
    * Changed dll base address to 0x0F8F0000;
    - Fixed a couple of memory leaks;

    Total downloads: 1505


    - Fixed an issue for people that don't use custom profile folders plugin.

    Total downloads: 1618


    + Saving/restoring Text and bitmap images from clipboard before using Printscreen key stroke emulation;
    + Remove the internal folder selection for screensthos, from now using folder plugins, if it is not loaded miranda's exe folder is used instead;
    * Now using GDI+ to save png, jpeg and gif (reduced a lot of kbytes);
    * Remove http server from zipfile, the version from FL is fixed and working fine with sendss.
    * Improved the behavior of "Single Window"+"Client Area" capture.
    - Fixed missing horizontal scrollbar on edit window;
    - Fixed issue with ghostify plugin and miranda's window.

    Total downloads: 538


    - Fix for wrong version number on FL.
    - Forgot to destroy service functions.
    - Fix for the source code. (missing obj files)

    Total downloads: 775

    Version 0.2.2

    * Now the plugin disable 2 items from Action menu on Edit window when you select "just save it" on capture dialog.
    - Forgot to use Release Config. to compile
    - Fixed version number (correct one was the one from FL not v0.2.5)
    - Fixed missing 20px from the top of the screenshots

    Total downloads: 330

    Version 0.2.1

    + Add statusbar on preview window to show mouse position over the image;
    + Add a menu item to quickly send the screenshot of the desktop to a contact (using last selected "send by");
    + Add 2 services that other plugins can call (header file is included with the source);
    + New item on main menu for capture only. Firing the plugin from here should not send the screenshot on any case, if it do so that is a bug!
    + Add timed capture;
    + Better error handling routines;
    * Renamed Preview window to Edit window; (less confusing this way)
    * Sendss will always use printscreen emulation from now on. (obsolete dB entrys: SendSS/PSWarning and SendSS/CaptureUsing);
    * Changed some internal behaviour (dialogs creation mostly);
    - Fixed plugin not remembering single window option when it was selected;
    - Fixed client area not working with printscreen key emulation;
    - Fixed the auto send/delete/description with a translated versions of miranda;
    - Fixed a few translation errors;
    - Fixed a few memory leaks.

    Total downloads: 343


    - Forgot to include the modified version of HTTP Server plugin.

    Total downloads: 10770

    Version 0.2

    (I did not remember everything, the most important is there, I think ;) )
    - Add translation support.
    - Add a modifed version(source code included) of http server plugin.
    - Finally add gif support.
    - Capture using the Printscreen emulation.
    - Add some more tools to preview window.

    Total downloads: 899


    At requests adding source code, refer to license.txt for more information.

    Total downloads: 20375


    - Now using CxImage image library, much more easy image manipulation. (the reason for the dll size being so big)
    - Add png and bmp support.
    - Add preview. (view only for now)
    - Dll packed with UPX, CxImage add a lot of kbytes.

    Total downloads: 12595