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  • ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ!!! Это временная копия сайта дополнений Miranda IM.
    Не все дополнения могут быть совместимы с последней версией Miranda NG, так что используйте их с осторожностью.

    Нажмите здесь, чтобы просмотреть некоторые новые дополнения для Miranda NG

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    54 дополнений в этой категории.

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    simple square status icons 1.0

    Скачано 664× от erinys

    some simple square icons. good to use with multiple protocols.

    colorful Status Icons 1.0

    Скачано 552× от Byce

    I have made colorful status icons.

    Status icons for ICQ 1.0

    Скачано 649× от gdX

    Status icons for ICQ protocol contact. How to use? For more info, vist http://design.myobninsk.ru/icons/2-miranda-status-icon-01.html

    okohurgo's Global Status Icons 1.0

    Скачано 594× от okohurgo

    Global Status Icons with the colors of scHacklaban's icons/lorgicons.

    Pinguins ICQ Statuses 1.0

    Скачано 610× от HierOS

    Pinguins ICQ Statuses

    SCB Status Icon set 0.5

    Скачано 646× от itanko

    Minimalistic status icons uses relay scheme contact metaphor. SCB means Signalization Centralization Blocking - this is a department of Russian Railways which uses relays hardly even nowdays (because…

    Status Icons =) 1.0

    Скачано 627× от justincz

    Status icons for ICQ,MSN,etc..

    New Status Icons 1.0

    Скачано 601× от justincz

    Pack of status icons for ICQ...

    Baseer Icon Status Pack 1.0.0

    Скачано 642× от izzykareem

    A set of icons that can be used for global miranda status icons or yahoo IM status icons. I created them because I want to be able to look at a picture and know a status without having to remember…

    All Status Protocol Icon Pack +3 3.0

    Скачано 795× от DrewD

    All Status Protocol Icon Pack +3 Global, AIM, Aim6, ICQ, Jabber White, Jabber Yellow, Meebo, MySpace, Skype, XFire, Gadu-Gadu, Google-Talk, IRC, Jingle, MSN, Sametime, TLEN, Yahoo, QQ, Trillian,…

    Tango Status Icons 1.0

    Скачано 670× от Minimal

    "Ripped" from jim-phelp's Tango iconpack for Miranda screenshot, but it's all tango anyway. ============================================== Tango Desktop Projekt: http://tango…

    Traditional ICQ Status Icons

    Скачано 678× от a0x

    Status icons for Miranda. Traditional ICQ flower. If You want to mobilize me to ulterior work, my e-mail is: a0x@toya.net.pl [ICQ#:215563463]:) I'm waiting for opinions and suggestions...

    Global Status Icons: MirandaIcons 1.0

    Скачано 650× от doenster

    Global status icons with the original Miranda IM logo.

    xpk MRA status icons

    Скачано 697× от inpw

    This is Mail.ru Agent status icons expanding nice xpk PixelPerfect icon set. Based on default MRA status icons.

    Status icons from SIM 1

    Скачано 692× от defl

    Status icons from SIM.

    Icons ICQ status for Notepaper

    Скачано 611× от virginsoul

    Icons ICQ status for Notepaper contact list

    ICQ5 status icon 1.0

    Скачано 682× от maxxzno1

    ICQ5 original status icon . Created by mAXxZ!

    SquareGlass Status Icons 1.0

    Скачано 659× от altglasS

    Square Glassy Status Icons, what else can I say ;)

    Webview protocol status icons

    Скачано 634× от Bumper1

    Just some status icons to add more functionality to the Webview protocol. Download the Webview protocol at: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=980 N/A status icon…

    Blue flower ICQ status icons 0.3

    Скачано 1322× от chernobyl

    Standard ICQ icons, but with a blue flower. Inspired by these annoying chain messages claiming that your flower will become blue if you forward that to 15 people.

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