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  • ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ!!! Это временная копия сайта дополнений Miranda IM.
    Не все дополнения могут быть совместимы с последней версией Miranda NG, так что используйте их с осторожностью.

    Нажмите здесь, чтобы просмотреть некоторые новые дополнения для Miranda NG

    Другое (страница 23/27)

    535 дополнений в этой категории.

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    Orginal Miranda 0.3 Icons 0.2

    Скачано 517× от fl0

    I just made a Iconset out of Miranda 0.3! Its for those who want to use Miranda 0.3.1 with the old icons. For MSN-On_the_phone I createt a replacement with fits a lot better. There are also…

    b0se Minimum 1.0

    Скачано 577× от b0se

    Minimalistic icon set for Miranda that goes with virtually any visual style

    Real Aqua 2.1

    Скачано 529× от kastner

    Real Aqua icons for Miranda IM. Including MSN,ICQ,Yahoo!,AIM and Miranda IM and weather set. Credits added.

    Real Aqua 1.2

    Скачано 585× от kastner

    Real Aqua icons for Miranda IM. Including MSN,ICQ,Yahoo!,AIM and Miranda IM(new!)

    Spike's Icon Men 1.0

    Скачано 594× от Spike

    Replacement icon set for Miranda. Includes default contact icons, main icons and IRC icons. The ZIP file also includes four colour coded icon sets for people who use more than protocol (green,…

    Real Aqua 1.0

    Скачано 539× от kastner

    Real Aqua icons for Miranda IM. Including MSN,ICQ,Yahoo!,AIM.

    bubbles 2.0

    Скачано 583× от oli

    bubbles icons for any protocol (i.e. 10 icons) in 5 different colors (yellow, green, red, blue, white) in xp-style and 256 colors

    GreyScale 1.0b

    Скачано 583× от jim_phelps

    GreyScale icon-set for Miranda =============================== inspired by honz's GrayScale skin for Trillian download: http://honz.hoverdesk.net/trillian.htm screenshot: http://screenshots…


    Скачано 718× от kenji

    Icons for ICQ...

    LibraHRZ 1.0

    Скачано 775× от LibraHRZ

    miranda skull icons

    SWOS ICQ icons 1.0

    Скачано 750× от redhair

    Sensible Soccer Players Icons for ICQ...

    Individual 1.1

    Скачано 565× от NETknightX

    Some new icons I made that depict a little IM guy, since I got tired at looking at the default built-in ones. Included are 16-colour, 256-colour, and 32-bit colour versions. The 16-colour and 256…

    Ordinary NetSend

    Скачано 585× от sinchi

    This is an icon pack for NetSend protocol. Look almost extactly as standard Windows 2000 icons for Network Neighborhood. Nothing special!

    icq radial v1.02

    Скачано 572× от radial

    A simple but "nice" set of icon`s for icq.

    justSmile v1.1dll

    Скачано 541× от d.core

    just another iconset for this great programm... (dll added)

    coolAIMyatsena 1.0

    Скачано 529× от yatsena

    Modified AIM icons to suit ICQ and MSN protocols. Main icons also included! Cheers, Serge Yatsenko. My MSN is yatsena@hotmail.com. Feel free to contact. http://serge.yatsenko.name/

    gansta-like xp-icons for tlen 1.0

    Скачано 506× от cromax

    Iconset for Tlen plugin in Gangsta's style. I like his/her icons, but unfortunately there were no icons for Tlen---that's why I've made them.

    ZL Icons 0.1

    Скачано 542× от Plagiat

    ZL icons for Miranda IM.

    AIM Icons 1.0

    Скачано 562× от qrayg

    32-bit AIM icons for use with the AIM protocol. These icons only look good on Windows XP.

    lorgicons 2.2.0

    Скачано 553× от lorg

    a more symetric and way better looking version of the original mirabilis icq icons. now with xp support and other protocols. read the file before starting to nag!

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