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  • ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ!!! Это временная копия сайта дополнений Miranda IM.
    Не все дополнения могут быть совместимы с последней версией Miranda NG, так что используйте их с осторожностью.

    Нажмите здесь, чтобы просмотреть некоторые новые дополнения для Miranda NG

    Смайлы для SmileyAdd (страница 5/10)

    184 дополнений в этой категории.

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    Candy's QQ Emotions Mod 2 in 1 1.0

    Скачано 811× от candychan

    For non-simplified Chinese OS user! No more tooltip text in a mess! I don't know how many people are using MirandaQQ without a simplified Chinese OS or AppLocale but I am sure I don't…

    ICQ 5.0,5.1 Smiley 2.1

    Скачано 668× от NN

    Based on ICQ 5 Smileys 1.1 by burnie. See http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2859 for more information.

    Candy's Skype 3 Emotions Mod 2 in 1 1.0

    Скачано 3186× от candychan

    Any of you don't want to keep many packages but an animated pack just doesn't look good in the static mode? Here's the solution for SKYPE! This new SKYPE emotion package includes all…

    Riceballs Emoticonset 1.1

    Скачано 624× от Elsinor

    Traditional Version Of Original Riceballs Adium Emoticonset ported to MirandaIM. From Somatic Adium Pack. If you want to say some good words to the author of this beautiful icons, e-mail it to…

    Animated-More (Juls Emotes) 1.0alpha

    Скачано 591× от marsa

    This is my first smileys pack. I made it just for fun, and to fill some free time. It's dedicated to a friend of mine, called Julushko :P You may see the smileys on the screenshot added! The…

    Jimm Smileys 1.1

    Скачано 628× от z00m

    Smileys from Jimm for SmileyAdd

    X-Mas Smileys (ICQ) 1.00

    Скачано 588× от Arne

    This is a simple set of smileys especially funny for the time of christmas ;)

    Mail.Ru Agent Smileys 1.0

    Скачано 685× от wl

    Original Mail.Ru Agent Smileys

    Skype emoticons for miranda 1.0

    Скачано 669× от chikko

    i've been using those MSN smileys for all or my protocols for quite a while now, and just a week ago discovered that i can assign different emoticons to different protocols.. anyway, i've…

    Skype ANIMATED emoticons for miranda 1.1 1.1

    Скачано 666× от chikko

    i've been using those MSN smileys for all or my protocols for quite a while now, and just a week ago discovered that i can assign different emoticons to different protocols.. anyway, i've…

    Skype Smileys for IEview 0.0.1

    Скачано 813× от PRM

    Complete set of animated Emoticons for the Skype-Plugin. Emoticons taken from https://developer.skype.com/Download/SkypeEmoticons Skype Component License: https://developer.skype.com/Download…

    Logans Smileys 0.3.5

    Скачано 955× от Logan

    Simleys Pack inspired by 3dmax.de. Now with 153 Smileys! Always in 12 Pixels, 15 and 20! Now with Definition Files for AIM, YAHOO, MSN and ICQ! And one for...ALL Smileys. Transparent Smileys! …

    Buuf Smileys 0.3

    Скачано 602× от Herzog2305

    Based of the Iconset by mattahan (get it HERE: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/37966044/), big thanks for that! If you want redistribute this set dont forget link to mattahan's Buuficons! …

    C6 protocol smileys definition file 1.0

    Скачано 583× от ephestione

    ===============[ENGLISH]================ This is the smiley definition file for the C6 protocol (http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2450), to be used with SmileyAdd. Just…

    Tranquility Smiley Pack

    Скачано 1430× от DarkFenX

    Simple set of static smileys for use on any backgrounds. Some of smileys were taken from kolobok.wrg.ru and then redrawn. Enable "workaround for PNG transparency" if used in IEView. Other themes…

    Tango smileys 1.2

    Скачано 639× от graffoo

    Smileys from the tango! project. Feel free to modify and redistribute... ============================================== Tango Desktop Projekt: http://tango.freedesktop.org/Tango_Desktop_Project …

    NefoR_2 SmileysPack

    Скачано 716× от flame12

    NefoR 2 original smileys from free RPG : "NefoR 2: The Begin". http://nefor2.nm.ru/nefor2/

    Pinkbox 0.1

    Скачано 555× от Twig

    Just extract the file to your smileyadd/miranda directory. For use mostly with MSN although the psd file is included for anyone wanting to add their own. http://www.pinkboxstudio.com

    Simple Smiley pack 0.1

    Скачано 647× от Stoilcho

    A simple smiley pack for SmileyAdd plugin. Just extract the archive into your Miranda IM folder.

    Sawyer Theme (Flash Avatar Support) 0.1

    Скачано 634× от Sawyer

    Theme for IE View.. Support for flash avatars.. I say thanks to Tweety for his help. By quetions contact me by ICQ: 298683233

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