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  • ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ!!! Это временная копия сайта дополнений Miranda IM.
    Не все дополнения могут быть совместимы с последней версией Miranda NG, так что используйте их с осторожностью.

    Нажмите здесь, чтобы просмотреть некоторые новые дополнения для Miranda NG

    TabSRMM (страница 2/4)

    61 дополнений в этой категории.

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    Like PS 1.0

    Скачано 1097× от Chill

    New skin based the Photoshop CS3 style.

    Deprivation TabSRMM 1.0

    Скачано 725× от m00nster

    Deprivation Tabsrmm. Designed for Tantratorium portal

    Fusion Tabsrmm 1.0

    Скачано 1086× от puttee

    Tabsrmm skins. 3 different color themes (black, blue, chrome) more information: - include settings for fonts and colors - optimal view without "menu bar" - there are also adequate skins for…

    BlackBox 1.3.2

    Скачано 932× от Chill

    New reincarnation of my tabSRMM skin

    ExtJS Blue for TabSRMM

    Скачано 964× от caramba

    ExtJS Blue skin for TabSRMM based on Modern skin from elishnevsky (http://miranda-planet.com/customize/445-extjs-blue.html)

    Qwerty's pastel TabSRMM color theme

    Скачано 788× от sir-qwerty

    This is pastel theme for TabSRMM. Thin, easy to use and still eyecandy. These visuals are applied but not included: * Font: Lucida Sans Unicode * Icons: TabSRMM default * Proto icons: Digital…

    Wolk tabSRMM 1.0

    Скачано 796× от LonelyWolf

    My drab skin for tabSRMM. Based on Tranquility skin.

    BlackBox 1.0

    Скачано 815× от Chill

    BlackBox style TabSRMM skin.

    Firt (TabSRMM Skin)

    Скачано 765× от MadBrozzeR

    Skin for TabSRMM window. All graphics made in MS Paint and converted into PNG with IrfanView. Skin for PopUp plugin with same design: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id…

    FirtBG (TabSRMM Skin)

    Скачано 746× от MadBrozzeR

    Skin for TabSRMM window. The same as Firt Skin, (http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3599) but with background picture and without difference between active and inactive…

    ICQ 6 Tabsrmm skin 1.1

    Скачано 1027× от Dumbo

    Chat in ICQ6 style ;) Based on the Tranquility skin for Tabsrmm by DarkPhoenix. Looks nice with the ICQ6 Style Theme for Modern Contact List: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action…

    MP skins for tabSRMM 1.1

    Скачано 719× от smeagol

    This is skin for tamSRMM. It is inspirated by media player skin ver.11 . For best look use IEView skin s.Vodka 0.1c. Info about this skin is on my sites http://smeagol.ic.cz/miranda_skiny.htm too.

    Cristal Inspired 1.0

    Скачано 805× от Guris

    TabSRMM skin based od Cristal N7 skin for Clist Modern.

    BlackAeroML 1.0

    Скачано 884× от KlaunCz

    Tabsrmm skin. - without tabrsmm theme.

    Spring mood 1.1.1

    Скачано 757× от photon

    Enjoy it :)

    Koki's XPMC tabsrmm theme

    Скачано 1112× от Koki.v3

    A simple theme for tabSRMM that goes well with the XPMC skin by b0se (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/20901820/) as well as both classic and Luna Windows XP skins.

    WIP Miranda Vista Modification v1.0

    Скачано 900× от nemof

    This is based on the WIP Vista skin v.1 by Str4berry, with some modifications by myself including the icons and background.

    WIP Zune TSRMM 1.0

    Скачано 785× от Str4wberry

    WIP Zune theme is theme inspirated by original theme for Windows XP. This them is a part of aplication WIP Miranda IM http://wipmiranda.xf.cz/.

    Tranquility Skin for TabSRMM

    Скачано 1039× от DarkFenX

    Simple and clean skin for TabSRMM. Message log skin included (use 0.7 core or icons library manager to load them). To enable it, select one of .tsk files in Options => Customize => Message window…

    Phoenity-Miranda tabSRMM 0.3.1

    Скачано 860× от zappodrago

    A skin for tabSRMM in phoenity style. On screenshot you can see a message windows with or without tabs, with or without avatar.

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