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  • ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ!!! Это временная копия сайта дополнений Miranda IM.
    Не все дополнения могут быть совместимы с последней версией Miranda NG, так что используйте их с осторожностью.

    Нажмите здесь, чтобы просмотреть некоторые новые дополнения для Miranda NG

    Шаблоны IEView (страница 2/7)

    139 дополнений в этой категории.

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    StylePackBlack 2.1

    Скачано 1810× от Maysi2k

    Moderncontactlist, tabsrmm and ieview pack http://blog.Maysi2k.de

    PCol mod

    Скачано 1658× от vector

    This is just a little modification of IEView template PCol. Now timestamps are visible for every message and status update - see screen. Original template: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php…

    reel coders style

    Скачано 1592× от comer

    dark-coloured monospace hek 0day template in several different variations .) see screenshot, it's nothing to read here) i took code.ivt as a template and made it looking like my IDE syntax…

    Fusion IEview 1.5

    Скачано 1987× от puttee

    IEview Templates. 3 different color themes (black, blue, chrome) more information: - group session support - receive tzers from ICQ or Miranda (with ICQ Plus mod) user - picture link support,…

    desss3 3

    Скачано 1516× от desss

    Inspiration was: Veritas. by ~GabrielDeskm I loved it when I saw it the first time, therefore, provide [ almost] the same...

    Black_Style (IEView) 0.2

    Скачано 1680× от minevra

    Black_Style for ieview. My Home Page http://mirdiz.org.ru/

    GAIA 2008 1.0

    Скачано 1706× от naalo

    Welcome to GAIA 2008 a Four Impressions release presented to you by naalo IEVIEW containing an IEView skin, for Miranda (unicode version) Pepijn-

    jsCayw 1.0.3195

    Скачано 1925× от sova

    When I made my last IEView style - jsBubbles, many people were not satisfied with the only color scheme it offered. So this time I made something completely different. This style allows 3 different…

    Miranda Coding 0.2

    Скачано 1506× от smartov

    Looks like SciTe editor. IMG size in standard scheme (coding.ivt) is forced to be 16px height to meet lines numbering height. If you wish to use normal smileys - use coding_normal_size_smileys…

    jsBubbles 1.0

    Скачано 1854× от sova

    An IEView template for Miranda IM. It doesn't only change the look of the chat. It also adds new functionality like playing YouTube videos directly in the message window. Or viewing images the…

    Satin Mod 1.3.2

    Скачано 1686× от Wasacz

    Ported version of Riddle's template for Konnekt (Polish messenger), inspired by original Satin template from Adium X. This version has a bit different look than original one and also has some…

    Pigment RTL Colored 1.0

    Скачано 1511× от Orb

    This is an adaptation of the Pigment IEView skin by russellc. This version is RTL and has different colors for incoming and outgoing messages.

    Deprivation IEview 2.1

    Скачано 1542× от m00nster

    Eview Templates. Designed for Tantratorium portal


    Скачано 1472× от HomerJ

    A mix of Black/Dark Grey colors, Vista style and msn live messenger. *) At the moment: just message-grouped style working properly. You may want to disable seconds yet. I'm quite stressed at…

    Mirage for IEView 1.0

    Скачано 1596× от SHADOW-13

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Mirage beta for IEView by SHADOW-XIII -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Only for IEView plugin. This is my first…

    Black Fusion 1.0 IEview 1.0

    Скачано 1950× от puttee

    This IEview template is the first one which provides both "tZers" from ICQ AND showing picturelinks as picture in the messagesession. Features overview: - group session support - receive tzers…

    Opus IEView 1.0

    Скачано 1533× от ar2oor

    Opus skin for IEView comments goes here: http://ar2oor.deviantart.com/art/Opus-IEView-Miranda-84584707 others: http://torvaldur.deviantart.com/art/Opus-34345488 http://b0se.deviantart…

    LaFala 2

    Скачано 1631× от Lanza

    IEView template based on LaBase skin (http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2278)

    s.Vodka 0.1c Mod 1.0

    Скачано 1543× от Kolich

    My first mod of great theme s.Vodka. P.S.:contact me icq:326017458.

    kryStyle 1.2a

    Скачано 1619× от elpres

    A template for IEView inspired by "Veneer" by Jim-Phelps. It uses the same colors and fonts as "Veneer", and I tried to keep the feeling of the original while reducing the space taken up by…

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