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    JGmail (Unicode)

    Autor: yb
    Licencja: Open Source - GPL
    Wymagania: Miranda 0.5.x - 0.7.x

    Dodano: 1.11.2006
    Zaktualizowano: 11.3.2007
    Pobrano: 245×

    Pobierz | Pobierz źródło


    ** WARNING ** This protocol plugin is not compatible with Miranda 0.8. Please refer to the forum thread to get a Miranda 0.8 compatible version.

    JGmail is an enhancement of the existing JabberG plugin for Miranda-IM that aim better support of the specific XMPP extensions of the Google Talk service.
    Mainly it brigs instant notifications for new e-mails received at gmail.com through PopUp-s and/or in virtual contact.

    YAPP (for PopUp notifications) and OpenSSL libraries (for secure connections) are highly recommended.

    Note: This plugin should be used with Unicode-Miranda 0.5 or above

    JGmail is announced and discussed in dedicated "official" thread in Miranda's forum located at http://forums.miranda-im.org/showthread.php?t=5730

    Below is a short description of JGmail additional features cropped from the forum:

    * JGmail specific options page
    * Option to synchronize PC clock to Google server
    * Direct the default browser to show the received e-mail on popup click
    * Special sound for new e-mail notification
    * Option to log in the history of virtual contact
    * Option to enable/disable chat logs on server
    * X-GOOGLE-TOKEN sasl authentication mechanisms
    * Enabled connection to port 443 (useful with restrictive proxies)
    * For https connection needed for X-GOOGLE-TOKEN WinInet will be used if OpenSSL is not installed
    * Delayed automatic re-request of the mailbox if last request failed
    * "ListeningTo" support