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    UserInfoEx (Unicode)

    Autor: DeathAxe
    Licencja: Open Source - GPL
    Wymagania: MirandaIM 0.8+ and Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Runtime

    Dodano: 26.12.2005
    Zaktualizowano: 29.10.2009
    Pobrano: 244×

    Pobierz | Pobierz źródło


    UserInfoEx intends to give Miranda IM PIM-functionality (Personal Information Manager). Therefore it replaces the built in contact information dialog of Miranda IM, in order to enable the user to edit most information of his contacts locally, export or import them to or from files and being reminded of anniversaries.

    - The main task is to customize many contact information locally.
    - Shows whether an information is customized or not by the text colour in the details dialog.
    - You can export/import information to/from "ini" and "vcf"-files.
    - If the contact, the details dialog is opened for, is a MetaContact, all sub contacts are scanned for information to display.
    - If the "Copy Data" option for MetaContacts and UserInfoEx's "Copy Data" is enabled, the whole UserInfo and mBirthday module is copied from the default sub contact to MetaContact. The missing fields are filled by the settings found in the other sub contacts. This will overwrite all changes made to the MetaContact's! Therefore it is recommended to disable these options!
    - The built in reminder reminds you of a coming birthday or any other anniversary for each contact in your list by a popup and/or extra icon in the contact list. A sound can be played on a event. The reminder is fully configurable via the details dialog and there is no need to use other birthday plugins anymore.
    - The anniversary list shows all contacts' anniversaries, which take place during the next few days.
    - A Service function MS_DB_CONTACT_GETSETTING_STR_EX is provided to enable other plugins to access contact related database settings, just the same way like UserInfoEx does internally. This service takes a setting from "UserInfo"-Databasemodule before it looks into the protocol module.
    - Several built-in services of Miranda IM core are replaced to provide customized contact information to other plugins.

    - find more bugs and destroy them
    - implement utf8 support for vCards
    - redesign details dialog code to make it more tough and easier to read
    - redesign ex/import module and make use of Miranda IM core's xml-api

    You can find a portable version of Microsoft VC2008 Runtime at the SVN download page, if required. For the link, see below.

    Forum: http://forums.miranda-im.org/showthread.php?t=6076
    SVN: http://code.google.com/p/userinfoex/