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    SmileyAdd Unicode

    Autor: borkra
    Licencja: Open Source - GPL
    Wymagania: Windows 2000 or later, Miranda 0.8 or later

    Dodano: 7.11.2005
    Zaktualizowano: 4.6.2012
    Pobrano: 249×

    Pobierz | Pobierz źródło


    Adds smiley support to Miranda message dialogs, Contact lists, etc.

    This is Unicode version of the plugin,
    ANSI version located here: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2152
    x64 version located here: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=4115

    - Emoticons in all message dialogs (SRMM, TabSRMM, Scriver and others), IEView logs, History++ (History++ v. or later required) logs static and dynamic images for smileys in pretty much any format (png, gif, jpg, ico, etc.) as well as images packaged in DLL
    - Animated gif emoticons and provide animation for all message logs
    - Emoticons animation in a smiley selector window
    - Emoticons on contact list, in Popup+ popups, Tipper YM tooltips, etc.
    - Smiley packs per protocol
    - Smiley pack per transport (gateway between protocols)
    - Smiley packs per contact
    - Graphical emoticons in the message input area, thus it will allow you to see these images while you are typing a message
    - MSN Custom Emoticons (smileys)
    - Supports sending ICQ tZers, Nudges and/or call any Miranda service from selector window
    - Supports plain text and regular expression smiley codes
    - Unicode emoticons
    - Translation support

    Pre-packaged Smiley Packs can be found here in the emoticon section:
    Any Smiley Pack from SmileyAdd, IEView or nConvers sections is usable with SmileyAdd

    Note: Unicode Smiley Packs are required for language independent operation.

    GDI+ installation required to use non icon smiley packs
    GDI+ come pre-installed on Windows XP, Office XP and later, for everybody else you can get it here:

    Bug reports, discussion in forums can be found here: