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  • OSTRZEŻENIE! To jest tymczasowy wykaz dodatków z Miranda IM.
    Te dodatki mogą być niekompatybilne z akutalną wersją Mirandy NG, dlatego używając ich zachowaj ostrożność.

    Kliknij tutaj kilka nowych dodatków dla Miranda NG

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    Dziennik zmian: Twitter Plugin

    - First official release of 64bit! Sorry for the delay, and thanks to FREAK_THEMIGHTY for all the help and patches
    - Avatars are now working! But only for your followees that tweet.
    - Double fixed truncated retweets. I really hope this is over now

    Total downloads: (None or statistics not available yet)

    - Fixed broken profile OAuth with API v1.1
    - Fixed "& amp;" in truncated retweets
    - Fixed 140 character length tweets being blank
    - Some memory leaks fixed
    - Fixed "& amp;" showing up in tweets when people used "&".
    - Updated plugin to work with API v1.1
    - Made an attempt to fix truncated retweets. My work around isn't pretty and can fail, if anyone wants to help give me a yell
    - fixed a bug where certain avatars would crash miranda
    - various gui and backend fixes
    - added a UI tickbox in the options to treat tweets as messages. have a play if you think this might help you
    - fixed status changing - if you change the status to anything but offline twitter will go online
    - fixed a bug where twitter would attempt to go online even if you were already online

    Total downloads: (None or statistics not available yet)

    - Major options cleanup
    - Default group now has a GUI in the options/accounts
    - stopped twitter from going offline so much (needs 3 network fails in a row before it will go offline)
    - open source! code is super messy. please feel free to post if you have any questions. the open source code will not compile with the official OAUTH keys!
    - added code to stop tweets becoming messages. you will need to add a "tweetToMsg" variable as type BYTE to the db, and set to 0 if you want tweets to NOT become messages.
    - fixed single % signs from disappearing in the group chat, and also stopped "%" becoming "%%" if you typed it into the group chat input area to tweet.
    - fixed long native retweets from being truncated
    - code cleanup, minor fixes

    You can read the full changelog here:


    Total downloads: (None or statistics not available yet)