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  • OSTRZEŻENIE! To jest tymczasowy wykaz dodatków z Miranda IM.
    Te dodatki mogą być niekompatybilne z akutalną wersją Mirandy NG, dlatego używając ich zachowaj ostrożność.

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    Animowane ikony (strona 2/2)

    W tej kategorii jest 36 dodatków.

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    scHacklaban's ICQ Connection Icon 2 1.0

    Pobrano 471× od scHack

    Essence is from lorgicons... I just changed colors and animnated. Please visit http://miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=89 for original lorgicons.

    scHacklaban's MSN Connection Icon 2 1.0

    Pobrano 473× od scHack

    Essence is from lorgicons... I just changed colors and animated. Please visit http://miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=89 for original lorgicons.

    googletalk animated icon 1.0.0

    Pobrano 462× od nomercy

    Very simple yet but still is better than notting... in time i'm thinking of improving but for now this is it... Enjoy... (Just put the file in icons folder which is in your miranda program folder…

    ICQ zyx connecting icons

    Pobrano 469× od SAOPP

    ! Special For Ghost ! This is adds for this iconpack by n99 http://www.miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=1576

    proto conn skype 1.0

    Pobrano 485× od chicknstu

    connection icon for the skype protocol copy to icons and don't forget to activate use connecting icon @ options / contact list / status bar ;) ya i bet you already know how to get this…

    SAOPP mugzLESS connecting icons

    Pobrano 515× od SAOPP

    _Special for CriS_ 32bit ONLY! Use it with this pack: http://miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=62 by m.u.g.z ...or as you like ;)

    SAOPP ICQ Smile connecting icons

    Pobrano 519× od SAOPP

    Use it with this pack: http://www.miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=1939 by Volter15 ...or as you like ;)

    G.A.N.T. Connection Icon 1.0

    Pobrano 483× od maxijazz

    Here is a connection icon made out of G.A.N.T. icon set (original by 'mattahan'). Just copy the 'proto_conn_*.dll' file(s) to your 'Miranda IM/Icons' directory. The icon is taken from my complete…

    GeSiute_Connect 0.01

    Pobrano 470× od Angeli-Ka

    Animated icons showing connection's process on status bar. 10 colors matching with GeSuite Status icons.

    GANT ICQ-Conn 0.0.1

    Pobrano 481× od Cyrax

    GANT Connection incon for ICQ protocol

    Proto Conn Icon Pack v.1.02

    Pobrano 518× od raq

    Proto Conn Icon Pack is a set of protocol icons to animate the connecting status of miranda, it contains dll files and gif files to show each connecting icon and to help user to find the most…

    proto conn from Weather Aqua 3.0

    Pobrano 526× od raq

    protocol connecion icon made from connection icon from Weather Aqua. It can be used with any protocol after changeing its name

    proto conn msn v.1

    Pobrano 464× od raq

    connection icon for msn protocol, before useing it read the txt file which describes how to use it !

    proto conn jabber 1.0

    Pobrano 478× od venyxal

    connection icon for jabber.

    proto conn icq color 2

    Pobrano 484× od raq

    proto conn dll file to *animate* connecting status READ the txt included in zip file !

    proto conn IRC 2

    Pobrano 496× od raq

    3 different connecting icons made for IRC all screenshots included in zip file !

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