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  • OSTRZEŻENIE! To jest tymczasowy wykaz dodatków z Miranda IM.
    Te dodatki mogą być niekompatybilne z akutalną wersją Mirandy NG, dlatego używając ich zachowaj ostrożność.

    Kliknij tutaj kilka nowych dodatków dla Miranda NG

    SmileyAdd (strona 4/10)

    W tej kategorii jest 184 dodatków.

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    MSN 8.5 Emoticons 1.0 1.0

    Pobrano 1192× od bluebeat

    This is the .asl file for MSN Messenger 8.5 original emoticons / smileys as per Microsoft's specification on http://messenger.msn.com/Resource/Emoticons.aspx in April 2008 For copyright reasons…

    AkiRoss Smileys 1.0

    Pobrano 739× od jaeger

    Smileys optimized for ICQ. Original by AkiRoss Version: 1.00 Release date: 19-12-2007 1. Requirements - SmileyAdd I hope it works properly. If not, or for detected bugs, helpful…

    Miranda Smiley Pack 1.0

    Pobrano 778× od Kiddo

    21 Smileys for Miranda (size 25x25, png).

    red cat 1.69

    Pobrano 699× od titton

    Pack contains smiles executed as the cat's muzzles. For people who really love cats! :)

    Cat smiles 0.011

    Pobrano 688× od titton

    Pack of animated smiles for Miranda IM and other messengers

    Buufed Smileys 0.2

    Pobrano 863× od MiSHAK

    Smileypack for SmileyAdd (Unicode) based on Buuf iconset.

    MSN Tango Smileys (complete pack) 1.0

    Pobrano 895× od nunop

    Another sweet TANGO pack. Based on Tango 1.0 from walla [ http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3580 ] and Tango MSN Smile Pack for IEView from caramba [ http://addons…

    Tango 1.0

    Pobrano 789× od walla

    Smileypack (.asl) To use with IEView or Smileyadd. ============================================== Tango Desktop Projekt: http://tango.freedesktop.org/Tango_Desktop_Project ====================…

    MSN Emoticons 2007May22

    Pobrano 746× od altair

    MSN basic emoticons with only .asl file. 1) Download all the emoticons (*.gif and don't rename) from http://messenger.msn.com/Resource/Emoticons.aspx 2) Put .asl and *.gif in the same folder…

    XSLT for Converting Adium Smiley Packs 1.0

    Pobrano 896× od stormblade

    This XSLT was tested using Saxon 8.x. which you can download here: http://saxon.sourceforge.net/#F8.9SA Although I specified XSLT 2.0 and used a 2.0 processor to develop and test it, to my…

    Trillian 3 Pro ASL File 1.0.1

    Pobrano 3677× od Incarniac

    This is an ASL file for use with SmileyAdd and IEView (there are animated emoticons). It contains around 270+ emoticons from Trillian 3 Pro. To get the actual image files you need download the…

    ICQ6 smileys 1.3

    Pobrano 800× od NN

    Same as ICQ6 Smileys proper 1.2: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3528. The addition is code image when receiving RTF in ICQ.

    ICQ6 Smileys proper 1.2

    Pobrano 744× od Forusim

    This is just the asl file for the icq6 smilies. I am not allowed to offer you the smilies, but u can get them on your own. Please install ICQ6, (make all files visible) and get the smilies from C:…

    Tango MSN Smile Pack for IEView

    Pobrano 749× od caramba

    I used Pidgin(http://pidgin.im/) smiles in Tango style and asl file from AduiMSN smiles (http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2880) compiled by russellc. ===================…

    ICQ 6 Smileys 0.1 0.1

    Pobrano 804× od Machi

    MSL file for ICQ 6 smileys. To get gif smileys please install ICQ6 from http://www.icq.com/download and get smileys from X:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\ICQ\BART\1024\ (two files…

    Gmail Chat Smileys 1.3

    Pobrano 735× od andrewabc

    Gmail Chat Smileys is an .asl file which allows the Gmail Chat smileys to work in Miranda. You NEED to download each animated .gif file from http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer…

    Gmail Chat Blue 1.2

    Pobrano 723× od Ballena

    I like the Smileys in Google Talk so I made this simple blue Smileys. Enjoy!

    Skype Animated Emotions 1.2

    Pobrano 1012× od CRAFT

    It's the sheer pack of Skype Emotions, that inclusive 90 different smiley's. Enjoy ;)

    Yahoo 7 emoticons 0.3

    Pobrano 1175× od Rollie

    New Yahoo 7 emoticons. Only .asl file included. Copy the emoticons (*.gif) from your Yahoo! Messenger installation. It includes the new emoticons ( Call me, Not listening, etc )

    JopsDrops Emoticons 0.3

    Pobrano 667× od flokk

    Japanese Style Emoticons, inspired by Riceballs Emoticons. enjoy

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