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  • OSTRZEŻENIE! To jest tymczasowy wykaz dodatków z Miranda IM.
    Te dodatki mogą być niekompatybilne z akutalną wersją Mirandy NG, dlatego używając ich zachowaj ostrożność.

    Kliknij tutaj kilka nowych dodatków dla Miranda NG

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    W tej kategorii jest 117 dodatków.

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    Icons Library Manager

    Pobrano 194× od Joe@Whale

    OUTDATED! Please don't use this version. Function from this plugin is now included in the core. Also known as IcoLib. Provides the UI to customize plugin's icons. It's just a…

    Portuguese (PT) Lang Pack 1.0 1.1

    Pobrano 193× od MiG

    MIG Translation version 1.1 (23.10.2006) This is my translation pack for Portuguese (PT) of Miranda with my favourite plugins. My @mail: luisilvapinho@gmail.com Miranda IM version …

    Modern Contact List Layered (Unicode)

    Pobrano 197× od FYR

    Editor's note: This release has been superseded by Modern Contact List (Unicode) You are recommended to use this new release instead.OUTDATED! Please don't use it for Miranda 0.7 or…

    Modern Contact List Layered (ANSI)

    Pobrano 186× od FYR

    OUTDATED! Please don't use it for Miranda 0.7 or above, see download links at the bottom. PLEASE NOTE: CLIST MODERN IS IN ALPHA DEVELOPMENT STAGE... USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. ----------------…


    Pobrano 200× od kirsen

    OUTDATED! please use the successor: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=4075 ========================= This is a plugin for people who has connection with dynamic IP and…

    Polish 2.39

    Pobrano 195× od ono

    To jest polski modul jezykowy do Mirandy 0.4 +. Autorzy: *zobacz langpack_polish.txt* Najnowsza wersja rozwojowa dostepna tutaj: http://miranda-pl.cvs.sourceforge.net/miranda-pl/translation…

    Langpack Russian v4.1.1.0 mod

    Pobrano 189× od panic

    This is COMPLETE russian language pack v based on Basil LangPack's mod by panic!:

    Snapping windows (source)

    Pobrano 203× od ghost_by

    Editor's note: This release has been superseded by Magnetic Windows You are recommended to use this new release instead.This plugin snaps the contact window to the edge of the screen, when…

    Portuguese BR Laguage Pack

    Pobrano 171× od welblade

    (This is a translation pack for Brazilian Portuguese of the program and the most popular plugins for Miranda IM. Items already Translated:) Esta é uma tradução do programa e dos plugins mais…

    Modern Contact List Mod

    Pobrano 200× od pescuma

    A modification of modern contact list (not the layered one, but the old one) that has the aditional features: - Show avatars - Avatar overlay icons - Variable row height - Up to 3 lines of text,…

    Hebrew langpack

    Pobrano 187× od The_Legend

    Update to the hebrew langpack.


    Pobrano 202× od Lastwebp

    Another CList Modern Layered Skin No Icons included, i recommend Stone from Angeli-Ka http://miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2090


    Pobrano 181× od Lastwebp

    A small add-on for Clist modern layered, plugin provide services for: -execute programs or browser for folders -show or set status -show the Xtras status menu Restrictions: -XStatus works…


    Pobrano 196× od noname

    OUTDATET! Don't use this plugin. Newer version: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3724 Shows a popup and log to DB whenever a contact changes his/her nickname. …

    Quick Search

    Pobrano 191× od bethoven

    OUTDATED! Don't use this plugin. Use the plugin: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3285 This Plugin allow you to quick search for nickname, firstname, lastname,…

    Zero Notifications

    Pobrano 201× od bid

    newer Version: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=4188 ========================== This plugin automatically turns on/off the sound, systray icon blinking, and clist…

    Secure IM - modified by __alex

    Pobrano 189× od __alex

    OUTDATET! Don't use this plugin. Newer version: http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2445 SecureIM plugin allow you to send Online & Offline encrypted messages using…

    SmileyAdd (fixed)

    Pobrano 216× od bid

    Editor's note: This release has been superseded by SmileyAdd You are recommended to use this new release instead.A plugin that adds smileys to the SRMM or TabSRMM plugin. Features: -…

    real simplified (Chinese) 1.11

    Pobrano 183× od ukillman

    this is the Real simplified (Chinese) Pack.because I am a real chinese,if u want to use mirandaIM as well as u can ,please choose this Language pack enoy yourself!

    tabSRMM Spanish translation 0.1

    Pobrano 195× od Fec

    Traducción al español para la versión del plugin tabSRMM

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