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    Listy kontaktów Modern (strona 13/14)

    W tej kategorii jest 280 dodatków.

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    Beeblebrox 0,2

    Pobrano 466× od elexander

    A skin to mimic the trillian UI. Avatar support is experimental and optional. Two versions of the skin is supplied, one without details and avatar. You might have to edit the MSF-file to make…

    Fear Platinum 0.01

    Pobrano 471× od Angeli-Ka

    Skin for clist_modern layered made to match Fear Platinum theme by ~JoE950, with his permission. Visit http://fearplatinum.ambitiouslemon.com/ for more work of this author and other interesting…

    MyVista Black Mod V 1.1.1

    Pobrano 418× od PIN

    This is just a modified skin by Russellc.

    Nostalgie 0.01

    Pobrano 437× od Angeli-Ka

    Skin for a guy who misses ICQ2003 look ;) for Xstras button you need CLMLAddOn http://miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2440

    AdiumX 1.0

    Pobrano 439× od philou

    This is a port of the popular default AdiumX skin. It's not pixelperfect due to plugin restrictions and personal liking :p But it's as close as you can get! Go, get it!

    Longhorn-Aero Bliss 2.2

    Pobrano 482× od Error

    This is my first skin for Modern Contact List Layered. !!*DISABLE* Main Menu - Frames - My Contacts - Border!! Restart Miranda after applying skin. ********* 2nd skin with toptoolbar buttons:…

    Infinity 1.0

    Pobrano 460× od Rialto

    Thanks to Defiance for skin idea and for his skin Defiance Modern CList Layered skin for my skin) Thanks to Angeli-Ka for letting me use her great icons to make the buttons for this…

    Dark Side 1.1.1

    Pobrano 555× od Error

    !!*DISABLE* Main Menu - Frames - My Contacts - Border!! Restart Miranda after applying skin. http://img455.imageshack.us/img455/5918/inaction2xb.jpg ********* 2nd skin with buttons: http:/…

    Dark Side Remixed 1.1

    Pobrano 532× od needleboy

    This is Error's Dark Side Skin with added buttons on top for Menu, Minimize and Close. All Credits to Error's Skin: http://miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=2472

    TechStyle 1.0 Final

    Pobrano 432× od temooo

    the tech style for miranda...

    Aero Konfabulator 2.0 Final

    Pobrano 511× od temooo

    The Skin Made in Aero Style... Glassy Contact List Looks Nice And Is Made In 2 Colors. Black And White.

    Aero Bliss Mod v3.0

    Pobrano 520× od Liran

    I used Error's Longhorn Aero-Bliss v2.1 skin and modify it a bit. Enjoy :-(

    neo cool skin 1.1

    Pobrano 452× od kusi

    realy cool & nice skin with neon looks real great. moded biohazard skin.

    rusty metal 1.2

    Pobrano 443× od kusi

    rust metal skin comes with 2 versions: the noraml & heb.

    pinky mastik skin 1.1

    Pobrano 444× od kusi

    buty of pink skin comes in 2 versions mastik & pink. based on biohazard.

    blue sky 1.2

    Pobrano 447× od kusi

    nice blue skin turned to white. hope you enjoy this skin. based the bio-hazard.

    Black Aero 0.1

    Pobrano 475× od Error

    As I like Aero style, so here's my new minimalistic aero-skin :) Black Aero. Hope you like it. Enjoy ps: !!*DISABLE* Main Menu - Frames - My Contacts - Border! Restart Miranda after…

    My Vista 1.1

    Pobrano 479× od russellc

    This was created after I saw jimbo's Vista clist modern skin. I spontaneously felt I should take a spin at creating a Vista style clist skin too. So here it is. Read the readme before asking…

    Vista Glass 1.4

    Pobrano 496× od jimbo11883

    Here's my try at skinning Miranda IM's contact list to look like Aero Glass, the new user interface found in Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows Vista. The icon on the title bar opens the…

    ModernClear 1.2.0

    Pobrano 902× od russellc

    Modern contact list skin. Included are white (very transparent) styles, for people with dark wallpapers and a dark (translucent, slightly opaque) styles, for people with bright wallpapers. There…

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