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  • ATTENTION! C'est une liste temporaire des addons de Miranda IM.
    Ces addons pourraient être incompatibles avec la version récente de Miranda NG afin de les utiliser avec caution.

    Cliquez ici pour quelques nouveaux addons pour Miranda NG.

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    SRMM Mod (Send/Rec Messagedialog Module)

    Auteur: Kreisquad
    Licence: Open Source - GPL
    Conditions préalables: Miranda IM 0.3.3+

    Ajouté: 25.11.2003
    Mise à jour: 10.2.2004
    Téléchargé: 226×

    Télécharger | Télécharger le code source


    This is just a modification of the SRMM Plugin made by the Miranda-IM Team.


    MOD#00: Misc Mods
    MOD#01: Removed the Character count line between
    MOD#02: Change the text of the send button to "send (charcount)"
    MOD#03: Move send and close button to the right
    MOD#04: Show the send and close button ?
    MOD#05: Smaller message edit box (one line)
    MOD#06: Change the icon of the dialogwindow to the status icon ?
    MOD#07: Change the title text to: Nickname
    MOD#08: Add Contextmenu to message dialog
    MOD#09: Automatically close/minimize inactive message dialog after x seconds
    MOD#10: Add Support for "Snapping Windows"-Plugin (by Ghost-by)
    MOD#11: Files beeing dropped ?
    MOD#12: Show Time then Name ?
    MOD#13: Add chars count at the end of the window caption when typing more than 450 chars
    -MOD#14: Close Messagedialog when sent and pressed SHIFT
    MOD#15: Show linebreak after Time / Name ?
    MOD#16: Add Support for "Uninstaller"-Plugin
    MOD#17: Notify other plugins when message dialog is closed (by MatriX)
    -MOD#18: Remove VScrollbar
    -MOD#19: Blink icon on event receive like tray icon does
    MOD#20: Copy Nametext when clicking on it
    -MOD#21: Add Tab-support
    MOD#22: Show seconds
    ~MOD#23: Add RTL-Support
    MOD#24: Message typing sounds (by <Tr][aD>)
    (MOD#25: "User is typing" Notification (by mk))
    MOD#26: Autosave notsent message (by Corsario & bi0)
    MOD#27: Show contact's localtime in history log
    MOD#28: Insert indent in history
    MOD#29: Add options to system contextmenu
    MOD#30: Hide temp contacts (by MatriX)
    ~MOD#31: Unicode support
    MOD#32: Use different fonts for old history events
    ~MOD#33: Show contact's picture
    -MOD#34: Add a statusbar for some information
    ~MOD#35: Popup message dialog minimized and don't steal focus
    MOD#36: Better typing notification

    [ ] = Enabled, working correctly
    [~] = Enabled, but sometimes not working correctly
    [-] = Disabled or implemented, but not working correctly