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    Adium Emoticon Installer 1.0.1

    Auteur: Incarniac
    Licence: Open Source - Others
    Conditions préalables: Binary: None, Source: Python 2.5

    Ajouté: 13.5.2007
    Téléchargé: 1020×

    Télécharger | Télécharger le code source


    This takes the concept of the Adium Emoticon Converter script (http://addons.miranda-im.org/details.php?action=viewfile&id=3554) a step further and will read a zip file that contains an Adium "emoticon set" and install this into a "Smileys" subfolder in the Miranda program folder (i.e. "(Miranda Program Folder)Smileys").

    Running the script (or the exe):
    - Asks you for a zip file that contains an Adium emoticon set.
    - Asks you for the location of the Miranda program folder.
    - Unzips the zip file into a corresponding folder in a "Smileys" folder of the Miranda program folder.
    - Converts the Adium .plist file to a Miranda .asl file.

    To install an Adium emoticon zip:
    - Download an emoticon pack from Adium Xtras (http://www.adiumxtras.com).
    - Run the script and follow the instructions.
    - Once completed, you can point Miranda to using the newly installed ASL file (Options -> Customize -> Smileys). Requires the SmileyAdd Plugin, and IEView for any animated emoticons.

    There are three thirdparty dependencies that the source (script) download includes:
    - PListReader and W3CDate by Andrew Shearer, licensed under the Python License (http://www.shearersoftware.com/software/developers/plist/)
    - EasyDialogs by Jimmy Retzlaff, licensed under the MIT license (http://www.averdevelopment.com/python/EasyDialogs.html).

    There are two possible downloads:
    - The source (script), which requires Python 2.5 or later to be installed.
    - The executable, which was created using PyInstaller and includes all dependencies necessary and should therefore run on any system. Tested on WinXP SP2 and Windows Vista.

    - See changelog for fixes.

    This update includes the following fixes to the AdiumEmoticonConverter script:

    AdiumEmoticonConverter Version 1.0.2:
    - Now handles emoticons with spaces and quotes correctly and uses the special ASL/MSL character sequences in these situations.
    - ASL files are now saved as Unicode (UTF-8 with Byte Order Marker/BOM) rather than ANSI.
    - If an unexpected error happens, the script will show an error dialog with the error details rather than just quit silently.

    AdiumEmoticonConverter Version 1.0.1:
    - Uses EasyDialogs to create a simple interface to ask the user which file to convert.
    - First version to be used with the AdiumEmoticonInstaller script.