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  • ATTENTION! C'est une liste temporaire des addons de Miranda IM.
    Ces addons pourraient être incompatibles avec la version récente de Miranda NG afin de les utiliser avec caution.

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    WinAmp/Foobar to MSN/Yahoo! Status Messa 1.5.1

    Auteur: JohnstonDJ
    Licence: Open Source - GPL
    Conditions préalables: MSP, Winamp or Foobar

    Ajouté: 7.3.2007
    Mise à jour: 28.4.2008
    Téléchargé: 304×

    Télécharger | Télécharger le code source


    This is a script that updates the Status Message to display the current song playing in WinAMP ( or Foobar2000 if FOO_WinAMP_SPAM is used), in Miranda. This currently supports the MSN & Yahoo Protocols.

    This plugin can support files not being showed in your IM. This was added because I didn't want people to know what audio books I was reading, only the music I was playing. This is done in Foobar2000 by creating some metadata for the items you want to skip (for this example I will use %display%,) and set it to "*" (without the quotation marks). Then in the Foo_winamp_spam settings change it from "[%artist% - ]%title%" to "[%artist% - ]%title%[%display%]" (without the quotation marks). It will then not show playing information for the files with that metadata.

    To do this in WinAMP you can add "*" to the end of the titles you don't want played. Else find a way like Foobar, to add some metadata to the end of the title displayed in the process. I will eventually find out how to do this, but it is not high on my list, as I use Foobar2000. If someone wants to tell me how to do this. E-Mail me JohnstonDJ@Gmail.com, and I'll put how to do it here.

    This script will also correct artist's names if they finish with ", The". For example in my playlist The Beatles are under "Beatles, The", however with this script when I am playing them it would appear as "The Beatles". It doesn't do this if it doesn't detect ", The" at the end of the artist tag.

    If there is no song playing or Winamp is not running, nickname appears as you defined.

    At the top of the script there's options for turning on and off use for both protocols, as well as the strings as to what to display.

    This Plugin is being actively developed.