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  • ATTENTION! C'est une liste temporaire des addons de Miranda IM.
    Ces addons pourraient être incompatibles avec la version récente de Miranda NG afin de les utiliser avec caution.

    Cliquez ici pour quelques nouveaux addons pour Miranda NG.

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    MathSrmm 0.3.33

    Auteur: Papulizer
    Licence: Freeware

    Ajouté: 11.4.2004
    Mise à jour: 4.11.2004
    Téléchargé: 332×

    Télécharger | Télécharger le code source


    MathModule - Plugin for Miranda

    Enables you to display mathematical expressions by writing them between "[Math]" delimiters like [Math](a+b)/c[Math].
    Double [Math] ([Math][Math]) is no delimiter.

    If you are too lazy to write [Math], you can use the option "Options...->Messaging->Shortcut for Math-delimiter [Math]:"
    the string you enter here is replaced with [Math] when you write a message. Default is " but you can
    use any string or character you normally don't use in messages (I use $ like in LaTex). If you leave this empty or type in [Math], nothing will be substituted.
    Tip: if you use all symbols in your normal messages, you can use double-symbol in the settings described above (e.g. $$).

    As soon as you enter a formula (between delimiters), the preview window appears. On this you can find a button to
    open a toolbox that helps you if you don't know the syntax.

    MathModule is still under development; check for updates!
    This package consists of two plugins: MathSrmm is a modified srmm that can display formulas in the log. It's based on SRMM version .
    MathModule is a renderer and provides a dialog that enables you to see, whether the entered formulas are interpreted as you intended.
    It also has a Toolbox with symbols and operators.

    MathModue displays functions (one operand), basic operators ( + - / ^ ! = ), greek symbols, set-specific operators, absolute value, Limes, Integral, Sum, Product and sqare-root
    For detailed info and Syntax, please see MathModule.txt

    Other PlugIns can use MathModule to render mathematical content. MathSrmm is not needed therefore.
    The first PlugIn that uses this possibility is PopUpPlus.

    since the message window is Rich-Text-Format, you can copy'n paste messages containing math to e.g Microsoft-Word or WordPad.
    You can even send the rendered math created with Mathmodule via HTML-mail, e.g. with Outlook. In my version of OutlookExpress it doesn't work to copy directly from MathModule, but it works to "re-copy" from Microsoft-Word...

    History PlugIn that can display mathematical formulas.

    MathModule doesn't transmit the graphics as bitmaps. It only transmits the text you enter and interprets and displays it
    on the other side. This means that it's important that both chat-partners use the same version, because I don't have the time to test backward-compatibility. Same messages could be interpreted different on different versions.

    Stephan Kassemeyer
    May 20, 2004