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    Journal des modifications: SMS (Unicode)


    * Char counter bug fixed.
    * Better account management.

    Total downloads: 7687


    * More memory errors fixed.
    * Account manager improvements.
    * Tab order in send dialog fixed.

    Total downloads: 945


    + Accounts are now supported.
    + The plugin is no more limited to ICQ only (other protocols which support sms can use it now).
    * Really improved memory handling (Major improve for stability under vista).
    * Lots of code cleaning.

    Total downloads: 1298


    * Removed depenedency on VS9 files.
    * Fixed recieved SMS crash.
    * Fixed popup again and again Incoming message.
    * Improved stability under Vista.
    * More code cleaning.

    Total downloads: 6577


    * Fixed bug: saving\loading messages to\from the DB.
    * Fixed bug: receiving number gets too much heading "+".
    * Change: Made SMS Plugin to have it's own defenitions - Fonts and some other old options.

    Total downloads: 1268


    * Updater Fix.

    Total downloads: 791


    * First UNICODE version of the plugin. * Same all changes as the non-unicode version.

    Total downloads: (None or statistics not available yet)