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  • ATTENTION! C'est une liste temporaire des addons de Miranda IM.
    Ces addons pourraient être incompatibles avec la version récente de Miranda NG afin de les utiliser avec caution.

    Cliquez ici pour quelques nouveaux addons pour Miranda NG.

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    Journal des modifications: Nudge

    ! Patch by Drugwash : option page redesign and ansi buit fix
    * Change N/A to NA (requested by freak)
    + Patch for tabsrmm button api support (thx DaniOK)
    ! Fix autoresend save setting
    + Add a autoresend delay (must be between 1 and 10 sec)
    + Add unicode aware flag
    + Support for miranda 0.8
    ! Fix for icolib support
    + Added icons from angelika
    + Add a service to hide/show "send nudge" context menu (for metacontact)
    * Patch by Tioduke (offline nudge)
    * Fix visual option
    ! Unicode patch by Ghazan
    ! Fix options dialog size
    ! Fix nudge text in unicode
    ! Use DBGetContactSettingTString to read data

    Total downloads: 152645

    + Unicode supports (will need unicows.dll, thanks to sje - eblis)
    ! Fix retreiving chat window (patch sje)

    Total downloads: 228340


    ! Check for null handle to avoid crash in IRC mod
    ! gdi leaks in option page (thx tioduke)
    + Auto send nudge option when received one.
    * New trigger plugin support (first step)
    * Use the text set in option page in popup.
    * Use find first contact service for popup preview
    * Set auto resend nudge to false by default

    Total downloads: 9233

    * Use popup for warning instead of message box.
    + Check if popup plugin is present if not use messagebox.

    Total downloads: 6834


    * Change options dialog (use tabsrmm uxtheme)

    Total downloads: 4490

    + Show a popup on sending nudge

    Total downloads: 2981

    ! Change text for status log on receive.
    * Use flags = 0 for status notify.
    ! Wrong section name in options saving.
    * Use winres.h in resource.

    thx Tioduke ;)

    Total downloads: 2125

    + Per contact limitation (no more per protocol cause too restrictive)
    + Privacy options to limit the number of nudge to receive
    + Options to show nudge as status change. (thx Tioduke)

    Total downloads: 949

    ! Memory leaks fix. (Patch by Ghazan)

    Total downloads: 1037

    ! Bug fix, url for file in updater info points to source :-(.

    Total downloads: 694

    ! Bug fix, check time for default proto too ;)

    Total downloads: 313

    + Add the right url for updater, now that nudge is on FL.
    :( skipped

    Total downloads: 705

    * Some modifications of the option page.
    * Redesign option page.
    ! Bug fix with slider in shake option.
    ! Bug fix with updater and stable version.
    + Now possible to change the text shown when sending or receiving nudge ( [color=red]BUZZ!!![/color] for yahoo ;) )
    * Change options page.
    ! Now apply button is enable when changing status.
    + Status support (global or by protocol)
    + Limitation only sent 1 nudge every 30 sec per protocol.
    + Multiprotocol options
    Patch by Tioduke
    * Use the right protoname for treating nudge as event
    * Take care of the message dialog (open or not) in treating nudge as event
    + Registration in dbeditor ++
    * Be aware of metacontact when sendig/receiving nudge (history).
    + Shake options are now saved in DB
    ! some code rewrite in order to easily change the algo of shaking
    ! Patch by Tioduke for icons (non support of icolib)
    + Option to treat nudge as a message.
    ! Recieved -> received.
    ! Wrong service call
    * Change the return value for trigger functions
    ! Bug sound file name was not set (thx TioDuke)
    + Add default Sound
    ! Trigger plugin bug fix
    + Icolib support
    ! Option redesign to fix visual bug
    + First step in option page to by protocol option
    + Settings are now saved in DB :-)
    * Some mod in option page.
    + Support for trigger plugin from pboon.
    * Forced beta version in updater.

    Total downloads: 82