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  • ATTENTION! C'est une liste temporaire des addons de Miranda IM.
    Ces addons pourraient être incompatibles avec la version récente de Miranda NG afin de les utiliser avec caution.

    Cliquez ici pour quelques nouveaux addons pour Miranda NG.

    Autres (page 21/27)

    Il y a 535 addons dans cette catégorie.

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    Butterfly Global Icons - 4 1

    Téléchargé 1793× de Caradhras

    10 butterfly-shaped icons for Miranda's Global Status.Colour-scheme: brown-orange

    G.A.N.T 0.2

    Téléchargé 1873× de jim_phelps

    G.A.N.T icon-set for Miranda ------------------------------ original icons by Mattahan (http://mattahan.deviantart.com) compiled by jim-phelps (http://jim-phelps.deviantart.com) I'd like to…

    justSmile 2

    Téléchargé 1670× de d_core

    remake of my JustSmile-Iconset... for ICQ, IRC, AIM, Jabber, ...

    Guinea Pig Icons 1.0

    Téléchargé 1715× de superjoel

    Global status icons by Ida Högberg and Joel Jonsson

    OpusOS 1.5

    Téléchargé 1871× de jim_phelps

    made to match the OpusOS-suite. I'd like to thank Armlann (he made the original trillian-skin) for hooking me up with his icons and b0se for this great VS.

    amicons 2.8

    Téléchargé 1832× de amirose

    Set of icons for ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, GG (GaduGadu), Tlen, WP Kontakt, Phantom, Netsend and even more. All sets have complete 10 icons and could be virtually used for any protocol. In…

    Game Query Icons

    Téléchargé 1740× de Swordsaint

    This are Icons for the GameQuery-Protocol made of the original CS-Program icon.

    pacifist 0.2.0

    Téléchargé 1750× de pacifist

    just icons , new version , because some icon be sad. there are not all in dll , download zip-file

    Steel Flats 1.0

    Téléchargé 1651× de SteelSpace

    Flat icons for ICQ, MSN etc...

    pacifist 0.1.0

    Téléchargé 1645× de pacifist

    just icon

    Librahrz_MIMIcons_O-> 1.1

    Téléchargé 1789× de LibraHRZ

    Iconset for Miranda-IM (male symbol). (Background is here - http://miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id=1021)

    OS X Blue Icon Pack 1.0

    Téléchargé 2717× de Hale

    Inspired by Mac OS X and NETknightX's Faux Aqua 2.01 Icon Set. These 32-bit icons for Miranda Instant Messenger (http://www.miranda-im.org/) have been designed for WindowsXP. They look best using the…

    Simple black&white icons 1.0

    Téléchargé 1804× de painter2

    Icons for ICQ, global

    Modern Flower for ICQ 1.0

    Téléchargé 1832× de katarina

    Iconset for ICQ

    Square Iconset 1.0

    Téléchargé 1680× de katarina

    Set of icons for ICQ, MSN and Miranda icons.

    my Black and White 0.1

    Téléchargé 1732× de HonkyMania

    17x 16*16px / Windows XP

    Protocol IconSet 1.0

    Téléchargé 1741× de Hibou

    A set of icons for a lot of protocol (AIM, BattleNet, EmLan, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, ICQcorp, IRC, Jabber, MSN, NetSend, Tlen, VyChat, Yahoo) and global status.

    Tlen.pl icon pack 1.0

    Téléchargé 1679× de huba_t

    Status icon pack dedicated to tlen.pl. But not only :-)

    Real Icons XP 1.0

    Téléchargé 1676× de deus

    Real icons for MSN, AIM and ICQ. Made for XP.

    Vypress Chat Icons 1.0

    Téléchargé 2112× de mazris

    Vypress Chat icons for VyChat plugin.

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