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  • ATTENTION! C'est une liste temporaire des addons de Miranda IM.
    Ces addons pourraient être incompatibles avec la version récente de Miranda NG afin de les utiliser avec caution.

    Cliquez ici pour quelques nouveaux addons pour Miranda NG.

    Scripts pour MSP (page 2/6)

    Il y a 112 addons dans cette catégorie.

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    Remote shell 0.1

    Téléchargé 195× de arsen

    allows to execute shell commands by sending messages with commands. Sends command output back to command sender. Configurable (log, access, etc..)

    Import QIP history script

    Téléchargé 200× de AVol

    Script for Import QIP history. Based on Import QIP history - Mbot script by Tellur.

    Random Quote to X-Status

    Téléchargé 219× de AVol

    This script inserts random quote in the message of X-Status. Explores all ICQ-protocols and, if found the status "Thinking", inserts random quote from the file "quotes.txt" located at the root of…

    Chat Commands 1.1

    Téléchargé 185× de Orda

    Small script for MSP. You can add contact to ignorelist, visiblelist, invisiblelist etc. with commands in chat window.

    Skype History Import (mBot)

    Téléchargé 204× de jarvis

    mBot script for importing history from HTML file created in Skype (using "/htmlhistory" command in contact's message window)

    ICQ xStatuses for Foobar2000 1 (20070328)

    Téléchargé 188× de magic.ant

    ICQ xStatuses for Foobar2000 changes your custom status messages to the currently playing track Version 1 (20070328) (c) 2007 by magic.ant (magic.ant@grasoff.net) Released under the GPL…

    New Status Notify script

    Téléchargé 193× de AVol

    This script is a replacement for the NewStatusNotify plugin. Notifies you when a contact changes his/hers status.

    NickChange Notify script

    Téléchargé 194× de AVol

    This script is a replacement for the NickChangeNotify plugin. Notify you via popup when someone changes his/her nickname.

    XStatus Notify script

    Téléchargé 207× de AVol

    This script is a replacement for the XStatusNotify plugin.

    Logger script

    Téléchargé 197× de AVol

    Script for logging different events.

    WhoIsReadingMyStatusMsgNotify script

    Téléchargé 204× de AVol

    This script is a replacement for the WhoIsReadingMyStatusMsgNotify plugin.

    typing notify script

    Téléchargé 189× de AVol

    typing notify script Copyright (c) 2007 by AVol Wert This script is a replacement for the Typing Notify plugin.

    last seen script

    Téléchargé 193× de AVol

    last seen script Copyright (c) 2007 by AVol Wert This script is a replacement for the Last seen plugin.

    ClientChangeNotify script

    Téléchargé 201× de AVol

    ClientChangeNotify script Copyright (c) 2007 by AVol Wert This script is a replacement for the ClientChangeNotify plugin.

    MBot Temporarily ignore contact

    Téléchargé 193× de AVol

    MBot Temporarily ignore contact "[tmp] Ignore"/"[tmp] Unignore" will be added to each contact menu. You can enter duration of ignoring (in minutes) and reason of ignoring for each contact.

    Fortune for IRC 0.1

    Téléchargé 187× de amp

    BSD fortune game for IRC by d1 written on 02-28-2007 Unpack into miranda base directory and add more fortunes ;)

    Script for mTV

    Téléchargé 190× de Abariel

    This script generate dates for plugin mTV from tv.sms.cz.

    xStatus for Apollo 1.0 1.0

    Téléchargé 198× de dwrbudr

    automatically sets your xStatus in Miranda to the currently playing song in Apollo :) 1. load the script in mBot (drag&drop it into mBot Console) 2. set your xStatus to "listening to music" and…

    Import Gaim History

    Téléchargé 206× de e1ko_

    Imports message history from Gaim. Features: - It should support all protocols but in only one instance - duplicate messages check (you can use as a synchronisation tool) ATTENTION --------- …

    iTunes to Nickname 1.1.1

    Téléchargé 214× de You

    This script sets your nickname according to the music you are currently playing in iTunes. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Install the Multi-Plugin for iTunes. The Multi-Plugin was made by localhost and can be…

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