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  • ATTENTION! C'est une liste temporaire des addons de Miranda IM.
    Ces addons pourraient être incompatibles avec la version récente de Miranda NG afin de les utiliser avec caution.

    Cliquez ici pour quelques nouveaux addons pour Miranda NG.

    Scripts pour MirPy

    Il y a 6 addons dans cette catégorie.

    Auto response killer 0.1

    Téléchargé 531× de cdbassett

    Suppresses messages that begin with "[Auto-Response]:" like those that get sent from AIM when sending text to a cell phone. Killed message appears in MirPy console. Filtering can be easily changed as…

    IgnoreOnlineUsermenu 0.2

    Téléchargé 561× de singalen

    Adds to every contact a context menu item showing/allowing to change "Ignore online notification" setting. Some info available on forum: http://forums.miranda-im.org/showthread.php?t=14348

    VersionInfo Uploader script

    Téléchargé 513× de eblis

    This script will upload your VersionInfo report to miranda-vi.org on request. It doesn't need any aditional programs to run, all it requires it MirPy Scripting plugin. It requires at least…

    Yahoo Groups script

    Téléchargé 534× de eblis

    This script will try to import all the groups you have in Yahoo Messenger into Miranda. If a group does not exist it will be created. Be careful: This script will move all your yahoo contacts from…

    Export Birthdays script

    Téléchargé 541× de eblis

    This script exports birthday information for your contacts to an external file. The file format is compatible with the format used by WhenWasIt plugin. To install just copy the file in Miranda&…

    Reset Display Name script

    Téléchargé 531× de eblis

    This script helps you reset a contact's display name to its initial value as defined by the contact. It can also reset the display name for all contacts in the database. To install just copy…