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  • ATTENTION! C'est une liste temporaire des addons de Miranda IM.
    Ces addons pourraient être incompatibles avec la version récente de Miranda NG afin de les utiliser avec caution.

    Cliquez ici pour quelques nouveaux addons pour Miranda NG.

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    Il y a 46 addons dans cette catégorie.

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    StatusFloater Source Code

    Téléchargé 534× de wintime98

    Source code for plugin StatusFloater. This is the latest source code for StatusFloater, which I haven't touched it for more than 3 years. I do NOT plan on working on it anymore. Therefore please…

    BCB Test Plug-in

    Téléchargé 521× de pixel

    Original version by Bid. Updated to work without problems. C++ Builder. Please post in the comments if there are problems.

    Base Protocol Source C++

    Téléchargé 512× de dss

    C++ version from my revised baseProtocol

    Base Protocol Source C revised

    Téléchargé 555× de dss

    Added: - plugin option window - make.bat (vc++) - tinyclib ===> compiled file size: 10k Based on J. Lawler BaseProtocol http://www.miranda-im.org/download/details.php?action=viewfile&id…

    GameBase 0 - beta

    Téléchargé 530× de Std

    Just a sample code for game plugin. Note that I'm not promise that it must works. It's just a sample. Also any support is not guaranteed. But try to write in "Miranda 0.3 Plugin Development…

    Self Removal Template

    Téléchargé 512× de REVerdi

    This package is composed by a plugin template with self removal resource and a program that must be called by plugin and that deletes the specified dll by the plugin.

    Base Protocol Source C

    Téléchargé 492× de jslawler

    Editor's note: This release has been superseded by Base Protocol Source C revised You are recommended to use this new release instead.This source code is written in C. It is the minimum code…

    service browser 2.0

    Téléchargé 552× de rdo

    Source code of miranda service browser tool.


    Téléchargé 511× de gaid

    source code of EmLanBackup plugin

    dMessage 0.1

    Téléchargé 532× de dennys

    A Conversation Style Messaging based on Christian K

    Multiwindow-src 0.2

    Téléchargé 542× de bethoven

    Sources of MultiWindow plugin.

    Delphi NotifyAnything Unit 1.0

    Téléchargé 588× de akretio

    If you want to send information from within your Delphi information to Miranda, you can use this unit in conjonction with the popup and notifyanything plugin for Miranda. You need the Indy…

    dbExport Source Code

    Téléchargé 548× de hrk

    This is the C source code of my dbExport plugin.


    Téléchargé 503× de hrk

    Editor's note: This release has been superseded by VersionInfo You are recommended to use this new release instead.This is the C++ source of my VersionInfo plugin. It uses STL ( and ).

    winter speak 0.9.7

    Téléchargé 512× de winter

    Source for winter speak plugin

    modified MSN Protocol Source

    Téléchargé 513× de rako

    I have almost finished to modify this Protocol. If you want to fix such a first time-out sending problem, I think you had better make a new plugin. (I am working on a next development)


    Téléchargé 535× de a-v-n

    C source of the UINBackup plugin.


    Téléchargé 501× de alexk

    Given plugin restores connection with ICQ the server in cases of loss of connection. There are adjustments how frequently to check the status and how many to do attempts for restoration.

    Database viewer 1.5.1

    Téléchargé 501× de micron-x

    Database Viewer plugin C - source

    Hotkey 3.2.1

    Téléchargé 539× de micron-x

    Hotkey plugin C - source

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