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  • ATTENTION! C'est une liste temporaire des addons de Miranda IM.
    Ces addons pourraient être incompatibles avec la version récente de Miranda NG afin de les utiliser avec caution.

    Cliquez ici pour quelques nouveaux addons pour Miranda NG.

    Splash screens (page 3/5)

    Il y a 94 addons dans cette catégorie.

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    iMac Splash 1.2

    Téléchargé 1292× de dima-82

    iMac Splash Screen with blue letters and a blue miranda logo.

    Biohazard Splash 1.1

    Téléchargé 1281× de dima-82

    Green Biohazard Splash Screen

    Phoenity-Miranda Splash Screen 2.1.1 celebration

    Téléchargé 1386× de zappodrago

    A series of splash screen realized in phoenity style. Take a look to the other phoenity-miranda products... Ideated By cheeaun. Developed By zappo.drago.tappo. Take a look at site http://www…

    Lotus Splash 1.0

    Téléchargé 1337× de dima-82

    Nice splash screen with a lotus flower!

    Dirty Splash 1.1

    Téléchargé 1290× de xsakex

    Dirty glass splash screen

    Cat Splash 1.0

    Téléchargé 1562× de Solid-D-

    This is my first splash. I hope you like my cat ;)

    3M 1.0

    Téléchargé 1258× de walla

    Four different 3D-Splash Screens with transparency.

    Simple Splash Screen by otto2112 1.0

    Téléchargé 1290× de otto2112

    Simple Splash Screen - crown 10% transparence

    Cool Splash Screen by otto2112 1.0

    Téléchargé 1336× de otto2112

    Cool Splash Screen in 6 different colors - 20% transparence.

    Black Splash Screen by otto2112 - 1.0.1

    Téléchargé 1573× de otto2112

    Black Splash Screen with 2 versions: 0% transparence, 20% transparence

    Miranda ME Splash Screen 1.0

    Téléchargé 1351× de JackED

    The original Splash Screen which is used in the Miranda ME Package. http://www.miranda-me.org

    Classic Miranda Splash Screen

    Téléchargé 1283× de Jared

    Just another splash screen for Miranda-IM Simple, clear, classical - enjoy it!

    black splash screen 0.0.1

    Téléchargé 1516× de pik_

    my simple first splash screen :) please for comment :P

    Precise Splash 1.1

    Téléchargé 1342× de Eldar

    Simple slpash for precise theme

    Fluorescent splash 1.01

    Téléchargé 1213× de Eldar

    Created for my Fluorescent Modern Contact list skin

    silver70 1.0

    Téléchargé 1238× de mhr2006

    SplashScreen for Miranda

    Mistr's splash

    Téléchargé 1238× de Mistr

    My first splash.


    Téléchargé 1308× de Senthine

    This is my first splash screen for miranda, and I love it ;) The background isn't part of the splash. I made this splash for myself, but decided to share it with You ;) For more info…

    Spring flowers 1.0

    Téléchargé 1279× de Eldar

    Very simple splash screen best view with light backgrounds

    Sharp Splash Screen 0.1

    Téléchargé 1266× de KPAH

    So sharp as hedgehog %)) P.S. Better looking on dark background, if you have light - you might not see the miranda im text, sorry =)) Maybe i'll make bg for splash, so everybody can see the text.

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