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    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    phpBB MTF Parser 0.01

    Author: mina86
    License: Open Source - GPL
    Requirements: phpBB 2

    Added: 8.12.2003
    Downloaded: 1104×



    Some time ago I developed MTF Parser wrote in Java which combined a lot of MTF files into one Miranda Language Pack. This package is something similar but for phpBB2. Now users can download what the want, not whole Langpack. Demo of this script can be found here: http://mina86.home.staszic.waw.pl/xforum/mtf.php

    Note that this is beta version and there are still some bugs.. Also, tehre is no real documentation or instruction how to install. Just small file with few lines of text.

    Note also that current version of MTF format has changed and it is not compatible with older version.

    Due to some argument with team which makes Polish translation for Mrianda I decided to stop working on MTP (Miranda Translation Project). The added some (IMO) senseless ideas which were completly conflicting with the way I imagine the MTF format (in fact it's all about one header and one file but it was enough). I feel a little bit like a man whos idea was stolen but "Life is brutal"..