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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    glassWide-X2-L 2.1

    Author: Xa0s
    License: Open Source - GPL
    Requirements: Modern Contact List

    Added: 9.6.2012
    Updated: 21.7.2012
    Downloaded: 2113×

    Download | Download source


    Still Glass - More better

    -will not change fonts or font colors
    -centers group names and sets group indent to 3px

    +3 Dots...
    -Top Center - toggle 'My Details' frame
    -Side Top Corner - Main Menu
    -Side Bottom Corner - Minimize
    -Bottom Corner - Status Menu

    +Icons down the side...
    -Plugin - Quicksearch Mod
    -Button - Find/Add Contacts*
    -Button - Show/Hide Online/Offline contacts
    -Button - Groups On/Off
    -Button - Sounds On/Off
    -Button - Popups On/Off
    -Plugin - MetaContacts On/Off
    -Plugin - Open Miranda Folder
    -Plugin - Updater
    -Plugin - VersionInfo**
    -Plugin - Database Editor
    -Button - Show File Transfers Window
    -Button - Open Options

    +Colored status Overlays...
    -Online/Free For Chat - Green
    -Occupied/DND - Red
    -Away - Orange
    -On The Phone - Purple
    -Out To Lunch - Blue
    -NA - Teal

    *Built in Find/Add (includes ACP commented out)
    **CrashDumper Version (includes standalone version commented out)
    ***see readme

    Right Side Version

    (lousy quality previews cause of file size limits)