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    Skype to imo.im Gateway

    Author: leecher
    License: Open Source - GPL
    Requirements: Skype plugin

    Added: 2.9.2009
    Updated: 19.7.2012
    Downloaded: 262×

    Download | Download source


    Ever since the first version of Skype plugin, people complained that they had to
    install the Skype client on their machine in order to get it to work.
    The Skype client was always bloated but it got even worse throughout the years.
    As all attempts to reverse-engineer the Skype protocol failed, there must be some alternatives.
    If you only need Instant messaging, http://imo.im offers an online Instant Messenger to communicate with the Skype network.
    The application tries to fill the gap by providing a link between imo.im and Skype plugin as a Skype proxy layer. For further information, please read the included README.txt file.
    Please note that by using this plugin, you are providing your Skype login data to the third party provider imo.im.

    Description and discussion thread: