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    唐韵 TangYun (东巴 Dongba) Icons 1.0

    Author: lancaster
    License: Freeware

    Added: 24.12.2008
    Downloaded: 648×



    使用电子东巴生成, 图意对应.

    Chinese - English - Dongba - IM Status Dictionary:





    The Dongba, Tomba or Tompa script is a pictographic writing system used by the ²dto¹mba (Bon priests) of the Naxi people. In the Naxi language it is called ²ss ³dgyu 'wood records' or ²lv ³dgyu 'stone records'[1]. Together with the geba syllabary and the Latin alphabet, it is one of the three Naxi scripts. Dongba is perhaps a thousand years old. The glyphs may be used as rebuss for abstract words which do not have glyphs. It is largely a mnemonic system, and cannot by itself represent the Naxi language; different authors may use the same glyphs with different meanings, and it may be supplemented with the syllabic geba script for clarification.

    Wikipedia EN: