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    SMS (Unicode)

    Author: NuKe007
    License: Open Source - GPL
    Requirements: Miranda IM v8+ and Protocol that supports SMS

    Added: 20.5.2008
    Updated: 20.1.2009
    Downloaded: 221×

    Download | Download source


    * Send and Receive SMS messages by any protocol who supports this plugin. (Currently ICQ network).
    * UTF8 Encoding and Decoding for the messages.
    * Really improved ICQ SMS Ack handling.
    * Saves the sent and read messages to the Miranda DB (and can be read by History+ and History++ - only tested with that, and could work with other history plugins)
    * Changeable signature.
    * Changeable sound for received SMS message.
    * Translate langpack support.
    * Use better GUI, with same fonts like miranda message dialog.
    * Multiple SMS message.
    * Resizeable windows.
    * Unicdoe Support.
    * Account Support.

    For features/problems/bugs/etc. contact me at:
    ICQ: 90001000

    Thanks for everyone who helped me to add features!

    For the non-unicode version of this project go to:

    For more information go to: