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    Trillian 3 Pro ASL File 1.0.1

    Author: Incarniac
    License: Open Source - Others
    Requirements: IEView and SmileyAdd plugins

    Added: 13.5.2007
    Downloaded: 4511×

    Download | Download source


    This is an ASL file for use with SmileyAdd and IEView (there are animated emoticons). It contains around 270+ emoticons from Trillian 3 Pro.

    To get the actual image files you need download the Adium Xtra named "Trillian 3 Pro" which contains the emoticons themselves. You can find this download here: http://www.adiumxtras.com/index.php?a=xtras&xtra_id=1085

    Download the file and unzip the contents of the images into a subfolder of Miranda's "smileys" folder (e.g. (Miranda Folder)smileysTrillian Icons). Then copy this ASL file into the same folder and set SmileyAdd to use it.

    This ASL file was generated using the AdiumEmoticonConverter Python script.

    - Fixed some emoticons that has incorrect spaces which would cause some weird side-effects (ie icons showing when they shouldn't).