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    Adium Emoticon Converter 1.0.1

    Author: Incarniac
    License: Open Source - Others
    Requirements: Python 2.5

    Added: 13.5.2007
    Downloaded: 1130×

    Download | Download source


    This Python script takes a .plist file from an Adium emoticon pack and converts it to an .asl file that can be used in Miranda with the SmileyAdd plugin installed. This means most Adium emoticon Xtras should work with minimal work. See the top of the script file for more details.

    This script download includes two thirdparty dependencies: PListReader and W3CDate, released under the Python License, written by Andrew Shearer (http://ashearer.com/software/developers/plist/).

    To install:
    - Binary/executable: Download, unzip and run exe. It should run on any system without any need to install Python. Tested on Windows XP and Vista.
    - Python script: Unzip file to a folder and run the script. See script itself for details on how to run it. Requires Python 2.5.

    - See changelog for fixes.