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    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Candy's QQ Emotions Mod 2 in 1 1.0

    Author: candychan
    License: Freeware
    Requirements: SmileyAdd

    Added: 23.1.2007
    Downloaded: 1004×



    For non-simplified Chinese OS user! No more tooltip text in a mess!

    I don't know how many people are using MirandaQQ without a simplified Chinese OS or AppLocale but I am sure I don't like seeing those emotions' tooltip text in a mess! That's why you see this new package.

    Same as my "Candy's Skype 3 Emotions Mod", the emotions are animated and I put some effort into the asl file to make them look almost the same as in original client in static mode. However, it is not 100% this time since the original client use more then 1 file for an emotion.

    Secondly, I have modified the text code and the tooltip of the emotions. I have changed the tooltip into to English based on official QQ 2005 Eng. version plus a small amount of customization. Also, I threw away the text code in CHS since they will not function well without CHS environment.

    E.g. the code for emotion "Surprised" in CHS QQ is "/jy /:O /(Surprised in CHS)" while in Eng QQ is "/jy /:O /Surprised" and only "/jy /:O" is working well for both.

    So now you can use it in both animated and static mode as well as other locale, too!!