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    C6 Protocol

    Author: r3vindt
    License: Open Source - GPL
    Requirements: Required Miranda > 0.8.2 and a free account at Virgilio Community.

    Added: 31.10.2005
    Updated: 30.7.2009
    Downloaded: 229×

    Download | Download source


    C6 protocol plugin for Italian Community.

    - Connect with old login and new authorization;
    - Send/receive message;
    - Search by nick, by email and advanced;
    - Segretariat on net-friend / busy and away status;
    - Avatar support;
    - Blacklist support;
    - Group chat support;
    - File transfer support.
    - Fingerprint compatible (version without fingerprint go site below)
    - Server contact list optional

    More Info at http://r3vindt.altervista.org

    Forum (italian):

    Protocollo C6 per la Community di Virgilio/Atlantide.

    - Connessione con chiave unica
    - Invio e ricezione messaggi
    - Ricerca per nick, per email e dettagliata
    - Segreteria per gli stati di net-friend, occupato ed inattivo
    - Supporto per gli avatar (solo nella versione completa)
    - MultiChat
    - Invio/Ricezione File
    - Lista contatti su server opzionale

    Altre Info: http://r3vindt.altervista.org

    Forum: http://miranda-it.forumfree.net/?f=1076242