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    Miranda Translator 1.20

    Author: starkwong
    License: Open Source - GPL
    Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003

    Added: 27.12.2004
    Updated: 29.1.2006
    Downloaded: 986×



    Miranda Translator is a helper application for translators to maintain their translations in an easy and efficient way.

    Functions of Miranda Translator includes:
    # NEW IN 1.01: Merge a large group of langpack TXT files into single non-repeating langpack file
    # Capturing translateable words from source codes (For both Miranda and plugins, now supports C/C++ and Delphi source codes)
    # Import of translated words from old langpacks and langpack-formatted text files
    # Generation of ready-to-use langpacks
    # Support generation of langpack index (TOC)
    # Support generation of plugin list in readme file

    Starting from version 1.0, you have to deploy MT to your own server environment (Apache+PHP+MySQL) or MBot's web server (MBot is not supported due to a HTTP POST bug). For more information, please refer to readme.txt

    If you don't understand how to use, please feel free to contact me via MSN.