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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Changelog: KeepStatus


    - Different handling of timers
    - Partitial locked status support (full support requires changes in core)
    - Fix 'random' crash

    Total downloads: 69301


    - Fix when setting no status message

    Total downloads: 9255


    - Fix options dialog glitch

    Total downloads: 436


    - Several bug fixes
    - Added options for continuously checking
    - Support for "protocol locking" by clist
    - Better NAS support (requires NAS v0.3.7.2 (build 2338; April 30, 2006))
    - Added more convenient service for developers MS_KS_ANNOUNCESTATUSCHANGE
    - Popups stay until next retry if delay is set to 0
    - Added option "Max. connecting time", see documentation
    - Added option to set protocol offline before reconnecting
    - Set global status when possible
    - Ping using ICMP instead of using InternetCheckConnection

    Total downloads: 179

    Version - popups now show the icon of the first protocol that is about to be reconnected
    - added popup option to show additional info in popup - you can now change the delay when a login error occurs - many bugfixes (with great help of weinstock and ghazan)
    - added option to check internet connection by pinging
    - added more options for popups
    - added option to reconnect on APM resume (standby, hibernate) - doesn't reconnect when logged in from another location
    - Added: option reconnect on login failures - fixed: now also works with popups disabled. (thanks to Stefan Waldmann) - Added support for PluginUninstaller
    - bug fixes - Several bug fixes
    - Better menu handling
    - Fixed: Jabber/Tlen support (not in combination with (current) awaysys!) - First release without StartupStatus

    Total downloads: 24233