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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Changelog: Radioactive Trifoil

    Version 0.16

    -archive now contains 5 icon colors (green, yellow, blue, orange, magenta)

    -fixed an error with the invis-icons

    -updated screenshot

    Total downloads: 2935

    Version 0.15

    -added yellow iconset as requested

    Total downloads: 310

    Version 0.14

    -some slight changes, might be all for a while

    Total downloads: 147

    Version 0.13

    -refined shadows

    Total downloads: (None or statistics not available yet)

    Version 0.12

    added dropshadows

    Total downloads: 16

    Version 0.11

    just put the dll in a zip ;-)

    Total downloads: 6

    Version 0.10

    It is new.
    So nothing changed...

    Total downloads: 62

    Version 0.1

    it is new.
    so nothing changed...

    Total downloads: 2