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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Others (page 22/27)

    There are 535 addons in this category.

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    Penguins Icons Pack 1.0

    Downloaded 649× by Solo

    Do you like penguins? I like. If you like, then download this pack. See screenshot.

    Miranda Classic Iconset 1.0

    Downloaded 696× by pixelboxed

    The miranda icon is based on a previous version I did, with a blue ball, now it resembles more the original, and I included two iconsets for msn and icq, please read the readme.txt included with the…

    Miranda Crystal Icon 1.0

    Downloaded 641× by annoderxen

    A Miranda-IM Main Icon similiar to the Crystal Icon theme for KDE. Format(s): 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128 [WinXP 32bit]

    Big Eye Smile 2.1

    Downloaded 636× by Phat

    Shadow added, so icons now looks more realistic. And for those who like 'M' icon - all size & color depths in dll and as ico file - 32bit & 256 colors versions.

    Miranda IM Main Icons 0.1

    Downloaded 705× by dima

    Some Main icons. If you want a change :)

    morgan icons 1.0

    Downloaded 635× by mrmodem

    Icon sets for the ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo protocols. Also including Main icons...

    xp_luna_icq 1.0

    Downloaded 803× by Zaybor

    Just try it :)

    Simple Icon Set

    Downloaded 714× by Kavun

    This is my simple icon pack for Miranda. Now it comes with 2 versions. - 1st one is with ICQ online and offline icons (SIS_icq_2.0.1.0.dll) - The other one is the classic set of mine (SIS_2.0.1…

    Icq_Icons 1.0

    Downloaded 743× by Zaybor

    This is my first iconset for miranda

    Blue_Neon_Krutz Skin 01

    Downloaded 656× by krutz

    this is a "skin" for miranda. i.e. buttons, icons, and a step-by-step readme. on the screenshot you see the two versions, dark and light, and a winamp-skin, all three are included.

    kukka 1.1.3

    Downloaded 659× by btlgr

    This is a flower icon set for Main, ICQ, MSN, AIM, IRC, Yahoo, Jabber and Gadu-Gadu.

    Winamp Control Icon set

    Downloaded 662× by c0re

    A set of icons I created for the plugin "WinampControl" by bethoven. Tested these icons on version and had no problems. This icon set includes 6 icons in 4 different color schemes …

    RSS News Icons 1.0

    Downloaded 605× by InvisiBill

    Newspaper icons for use with the RSS News plugin. Includes a gray newspaper icon for online and red newspaper icon for offline.

    Game Query Icons 1.0

    Downloaded 651× by InvisiBill

    An icon set for the Game Query plugin. The defualt icon has been colored with the standard Miranda colors for the different statuses.

    Miranda Main XP Icons

    Downloaded 760× by Rodrigo

    Icon set for the Main Icons. It works well only under WinXP. The icon set aspect provides a highly pleasant feel.

    Miranda v0.3.1 Icons 1.0

    Downloaded 646× by InvisiBill

    A collection of all the icons included in the Miranda v0.3.1 executable.

    Miranda v0.3.0 Icons 1.0

    Downloaded 591× by InvisiBill

    A collection of all the icons included in the Miranda v0.3.0 executable.

    Miranda v0.3.0 Icons (Alternate) 1.0

    Downloaded 638× by InvisiBill

    A collection of all the icons included in the Miranda v0.3.0 executable. The icon for MSN's "On the phone" status has been changed to match the "Out to lunch" icon.

    Icons MirandaBR 0.4.5

    Downloaded 676× by mirandabr

    Icones que podem ser utilizados em qualquer Protocolo (Ex: ICQ, AIM, Yahoo!, IRC, etc...) e como Global.

    Neo Miranda icon set 0.0.1

    Downloaded 651× by neo

    New icon set based on the old Miranda icons.

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