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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Others (page 2/27)

    There are 535 addons in this category.

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    Skype Icons 1.0.1

    Downloaded 486× by lancaster

    Base Skype 4.X. http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/1642

    MSN Icons 2.0

    Downloaded 453× by lancaster

    MSN 3.0 (1) MSN 4.6 (1) MSN Live (1) Windows Live Messenger 9 (1) Windows Live Messenger 14 (1) Famous Icons - MSN Icons (3) All: (8) More Screenshot: http://lancaster.themex.net/archives…

    WangWang Icons 1.0.3

    Downloaded 797× by lancaster

    从原版旺旺中提取资源, 百分百原汁原味. More Screenshot: http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/1017

    Man in Black Icons 1.0.1

    Downloaded 408× by lancaster

    Use A0x Set5 Overlay Icons. http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/1026

    飞信(Fetion) Icons .1

    Downloaded 687× by lancaster

    Fetion (5) LibFetion (1) All: (6) More Screenshot: http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/945

    Breeze ICQ XStatus icons 1.1

    Downloaded 439× by DaKo

    XStatus icons for ICQ. They were taken from the Breeze icon pack from http://skinfium.ru/ and converted in order to work with Miranda. 2 icons were also taken from the Tangomi icon pack by xTom. So…

    Neonic Collection 5.1

    Downloaded 514× by Red_Asher

    ICQ*2, IRC*2, Jabber*3, GMail, Google, Yandex, MRA MSN, Yahoo, RSS, Twitter*2, Facebook, vKontakte, mRadio*3, Miranda-Status, Overley. X-Status (ICQ/MRA/vKontakte), Q-Status, AuthState, Rate,…

    Facebook icons 1.0.1

    Downloaded 458× by Shimmi

    Facebook icons in two variants (FB icons and chat like icons) for Miranda-im.

    Skype neonic icons 1.0

    Downloaded 468× by Red_Asher


    Square Avatars 1.1

    Downloaded 430× by HostedD

    This is a set of Default Avatars for: AIM, Facebook, GaduGadu, ICQ, IRC, LAN, MSN, MySpace, RSS, Skype, Tlen, Twitter, XFire, XMPP (Jabber) and Yahoo

    Hyves protocol icons

    Downloaded 389× by scrappy

    Hyves protocol icons

    Facebook protocol icons

    Downloaded 409× by scrappy

    Facebook protocol icons

    Facebook icons 1.0.2

    Downloaded 464× by lancaster

    Use A0x Set5 Overlay Icons. Facebook Icons Facebook 1 Icons Facebook 2 Icons: Tango Facebook Icon by ~DarKobra Facebook 3 Icons: Set of social icons by ~Tydlinka Facebook 4 Icons: Set of…

    Android Icons 1.0

    Downloaded 475× by lancaster

    Use A0x Set5 Overlay Icons. proto_Android.dll proto_Android 1.dll proto_Android 2.dll More Screenshot: http://lancaster.themex.net/archives/1810

    春节图标 (Spring Festival Icons) 1.0

    Downloaded 855× by lancaster

    此套图标为所有华人而做, 祝同胞春节快乐. proto_Spring Festival 16X16.dll: 16X16 图标 proto_Spring Festival All.dll: 全尺寸图标 (128X128, 64X64, 48X48, 32X32, 16X16), 支持大图标显示. 新年 Icon 设计 By TaeWang More ScreenShot: …

    Neonic ICQ X-Status 1.0

    Downloaded 404× by Red_Asher

    Neonic ICQ X-Status icons

    Neonic MRA X-Status 1.0

    Downloaded 427× by Red_Asher

    Neonic MRA X-Status icons

    Neonic 1.0

    Downloaded 436× by Red_Asher

    Jabber, ICQ, MRA (mail.ru agent) and Rate icons

    唐韵 TangYun (JiaGuWen) Icons .1.1

    Downloaded 891× by lancaster

    proto_TangYun (JiaGuWen).dll - Normal. proto_TangYun (JiaGuWen) Blob.dll - Blob. proto_TangYun (JiaGuWen) White.dll - White, For Black Background. 使用甲骨文字体生成. 维基中文: http://zh.wikipedia.org/w…

    Tengwar Icons 1.0

    Downloaded 994× by lancaster

    Tengwar, 精灵语之一, 《魔戒》作者托尔金曾为其笔下的中土世界发明庞大复杂,且体系完整的语言;实际上,身为语言学家的托尔金,当初乃是出自于其对语言的喜好,才着手发明这些语言,而其中最有名的,便是在他各种相关作品中,大量出现的精灵语. 维基中文: http://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-cn/%E7%B2%BE%E7%81%B5%E8%AF%AD Tengwar…

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