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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    SmileyAdd (page 1/10)

    There are 184 addons in this category.

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    Sametime smileys V1.0

    Downloaded 3373× by pepinlebre

    Smiley pack for Sametime protocol (provided by Lotus Notes V8.5.3)

    New Skype Emoticons 1.0 (eng) 1.0

    Downloaded 4982× by Renderking

    Pack of Skype 5.8.x emoticons. Tooltips are in English. Smileys background still is white. (If I have time will make it transparent.)

    Skype Smiliepack 0.2

    Downloaded 7824× by a299792458

    Pack of standard and secret skype 5.8.x smileys. Tooltips are in Russian. Smileys background is white.

    MemeSmiles 0.1.1

    Downloaded 2722× by cyborggg

    Internet meme smilepack. Based on sagarp's Trollicons v0.6. Added russian memes, deleted obsolete memes. All found bugs will fix in next updates.

    Android Smiles 0.1

    Downloaded 2352× by Vit@liy

    Smiles from Android SDK

    Odnoklassniki Emoticons 1.0

    Downloaded 2944× by jerbi4or

    Odnoklassniki Emoticons web pack for Miranda IM.

    ICQ 7 Smiliepack 1.0 STABLE

    Downloaded 7260× by Maysi2k

    GERMAN: Das Smiliepack enthält aus rechtlichen Gründen nicht die Smilies, sondern nur die .msl Datei. Die Smilies müssen hier: http://www.en.kolobok.us/content_plugins/gallery/gallery.php?smiles…

    Mahjang emotions from Stage1st 1.0

    Downloaded 2203× by piggie1986

    91 Mahjang emotions from Stage1st. All these are from the forum stage1st.

    Smileys KOLOBOK from JIMM for MIRANDA IM 0.0.1

    Downloaded 3462× by berserker

    49 animated emoticons KOLOBOK, similar to embedded JIMM

    Trollicons 0.6

    Downloaded 2324× by sagarp

    This is another Rage Face icon set. I've based it on Paradox's set, but included more faces from reddit's /r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu sub. If you would like to make requests, find me on…

    QQ Smilies

    Downloaded 5022× by lancaster

    升级早期作品, 将已知所有历史版本表情符号, 一一对照添加, 能解析 QQ 2005 - 2010 版本发来的默认表情, 特殊表情. 特殊表情: 思念,祈福,心连心,10周年,315,QQ2008 贺岁版会员隐藏表情, 灯笼,中国青年志愿者,为旱区奉献爱心,世界杯,积极乐观 美好生活,热爱之火 点亮亚洲. 图片错误. CleanTips 2.X 等级,客户端表情解析. …

    Google Talk Emoticons Pack 1.0

    Downloaded 2372× by sydney

    including: Google Talk Emoticons Round 1.1 (13 Smilies) Google Talk Emoticons Square 1.1 (13 Smilies) Google Talk Emoticons 4-Color 1.0 (13 Smilies) Google Talk Icon Screenshot

    Google Talk Emoticons (Round) 1.1

    Downloaded 2345× by sydney

    Google Talk Emoticons Round 1.1 (13 Smilies) by Sydney Silver

    Google Talk Emoticons (Square) 1.1

    Downloaded 2204× by sydney

    Google Talk Emoticons Square 1.1 (13 Smilies) by Sydney Silver

    Google Talk Emoticons (4-Colors) 1.0

    Downloaded 4571× by sydney

    Google Talk Emoticons 4-Colors 1.0 (12 Smilies + 1 Hidden Smiley) by Sydney Silver

    QIP Smile pack 1.0

    Downloaded 6646× by lexeich

    Smiley pack, compatible with popular client QIP

    Color! 1.0

    Downloaded 2380× by shdowmyst

    10 colored chat log with matching text! using randomized css selector. so each time you open a new window. 1 out of 10 colors will pop up. feel free to modify!

    飞信(Fetion) Smilies .1

    Downloaded 3642× by lancaster

    飞信 2008-2010 默认表情包, 53 表情. Fetion - AniGIF.asl (48X48) Fetion - SmallPNG.asl (19X19) 标准版本 Fetion - AniGIF Online.asl (48X48) Fetion - SmallPNG Online.asl (19X19) 在线版本, 第一次使用时, 自动下载…

    MSN Smileys 5.0

    Downloaded 3682× by lancaster

    Base Yewanth.Gan's MSN Smileys 3.0 107 Smileys, Support MSN 4.5 - WLM 2010's all Smileys. MSN(CHS).asl - Simplified Chinese Version MSN(EN).asl - English Version Special Emoticons…

    QQ2010sp1 for smileys 1.0

    Downloaded 2636× by robertkyle

    QQ2010sp1 for smileys copy qq to smileys

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