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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Background images (page 6/12)

    There are 233 addons in this category.

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    Swedish Summer Background 1.0

    Downloaded 640× by episcopus

    A nice view of some swedish cabins, a lake and the beautiful flag of Sweden. Resulotion: 203x1037 Please read the readme file for best result

    Stars background 1.0

    Downloaded 631× by 3OJIOTO

    It's my background for Desktop and Miranda

    Artifact 1.0

    Downloaded 654× by Morton

    My old 3D experiment. Archive contains Desctop Wallpaper (1280x1024) and Miranda Background (265x765). All in 24bit color (but grayscaled :-) )

    Simple Sun Background 0.0.1

    Downloaded 609× by ulisses

    It's just simple background.

    MiltonBackground 1.0

    Downloaded 727× by Will2k

    A cool Miranda skin sketched and created by me.

    MillersWorld 1.1

    Downloaded 594× by Will2k

    A nice skin I thought I'd share with the world.

    Eysle of Flight 1.0

    Downloaded 621× by darkmoon

    I use this myself. The colors are somewhat poor as a background-image, as some text might not always be readable. But I don't think that really is a problem.

    Gandalf Background 0.0.01b

    Downloaded 664× by neo

    take a look in the Screenshot!

    Mad World 1

    Downloaded 909× by damien

    Inspired by the new song, I created something which has nothing to do with it ;) This Image is nice for white color contacts.

    M-M 1.0

    Downloaded 602× by LiteRipper

    A simple background I made and use; enjoy!

    RSA IM 1.0

    Downloaded 665× by martu

    RSA Background :)

    Bluefire 1.1

    Downloaded 651× by Pallokallo

    Nice background for miranda im ;p

    FirstBG 1.0

    Downloaded 730× by mougly

    it`s realy mi first bg for miranda... hope sone wil be new

    New Dimension 1.0

    Downloaded 644× by damien

    With this, I wanted to create a Background Image individually for myself. Now you can have it, too! Enjoy!

    Tool Background 1,5

    Downloaded 731× by ergun

    It brings us closer than, dying and, cancer and, crying. Let's go digging...

    brush_work 1,0

    Downloaded 635× by ergun

    a brush work on tear drop background... (icon set: ami_icq2 and ICQ Aqua1) veiled eye...

    manga - just a girl 1

    Downloaded 618× by alicja

    another manga background, author: my friend Selena (http://elenare-sama.com)

    Artistic Space Pack v1.0

    Downloaded 606× by Eliada_X

    This background set contains four artistic views of space. Specifically, the pictures are: Rocket Launch, Ancient Europa, Early Earth, and Jet Trails in Sunset.

    Gothic v1 1

    Downloaded 723× by Angelic

    Dark gothic chick style background. Taken from one of my wallpapers on chix0rs.org. My first background for Miranda \o/

    Blue Velvet 1

    Downloaded 754× by Angelic

    Minimalistic dark background. Goes with the http://www.chix0rs.org/gfx/bluevelvet.jpg wallpaper :)

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