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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Background images (page 5/12)

    There are 233 addons in this category.

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    Gonca 1.0

    Downloaded 387× by evrensev

    miranda icin Gonca.net arkaplani

    ICQ Flower Pattern 1.0

    Downloaded 453× by lagrimos

    Nice background with ICQ logo to please your eyes!

    Flower Background 1.0

    Downloaded 406× by erinys

    a nice yellow hibiscus flower with a simple black background. you will love it!

    castle background by Qbik 0.1

    Downloaded 392× by Qbik

    look and try

    nature background by Qbik 0.1

    Downloaded 426× by Qbik

    look and try ;)

    NeonBlue 1.1

    Downloaded 474× by abdutshaly

    a background 4 Miranda IM

    ICQ Line background 1.0.0

    Downloaded 364× by blackstone

    Very nice background with PSD file format for customize in Photoshop.

    ICQ- Flower BG 001

    Downloaded 485× by Moi_aussi

    Green dude !!

    Simple gradient 1.0

    Downloaded 396× by roytanck

    Simple gradient for Windows XP classic. Set to stretch! For people who like Miranda's clean look but want to spice it up a little...

    SKA BG 1

    Downloaded 379× by Moi_aussi

    fine ska background in b/w

    Sunstripe Background 1.0

    Downloaded 402× by guttergod

    This is my first publicly released background, made for a maximum of 768px height (does NOT look good vertically stretched). I know it's quite simple, but that's how I like it. I thought someone else…

    Soft Orange 1.0

    Downloaded 393× by Skiv

    Simple smooth orange gradient background. Best viewed width CoughDropOrange WinXP theme. Set to stretch! Also to make borderless window with icons on the right use multiwindow plugin.

    Girl @ Field 1.2

    Downloaded 381× by GIDS

    One of all my Backgrounds. Remember, to make it look really good, you myst start all contacs name with a(1) space.

    MSN Theme 1.2

    Downloaded 382× by GIDS

    Another one of my previous Backgrounds for Miranda. As for "Girl @ Field", to make it look really good, begin all contacts name with a(1) space.

    Miranda BG 001

    Downloaded 395× by Moi_aussi

    background with original miranda logo /multicolored

    OMAHP BG 001

    Downloaded 395× by Moi_aussi

    nice and simple background

    NetWolfs.Org 1.0

    Downloaded 387× by joker2k4

    Check this cool background... Size: 155x361

    amazing background images 1.0

    Downloaded 452× by erinys

    6 amazing background images. it works well with the "Random Background Changer plugin"

    Brushed Metal 1

    Downloaded 400× by trajano

    This is another brushed metal background, but it is designed to have a separator between the icon and the names, also the shadow is in the icon area. Also it was made that the icon indents were zero…

    ViKeiS BG 2.0

    Downloaded 392× by vikeis

    U must see it ;)

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