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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Background images (page 2/12)

    There are 233 addons in this category.

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    Freshblue Background 0.1

    Downloaded 439× by Fillo

    A simple lite-blue gradient background for your Miranda IM, hope you enjoy it!

    wintersun-transparent 1.1

    Downloaded 456× by Evangela

    Beautiful sunset on a cold winters eve. Transparent

    miranda bg ( logo colors) 1.1

    Downloaded 477× by screen

    my 11th bg.. please comment hf, screen

    wintersun 1.0

    Downloaded 484× by Evangela

    Beatiful sunset on a cold winters eve

    alian-eye 0.1

    Downloaded 477× by adam1256

    simple backround image tnx to me [Adam elimelech] and beni!! ~*~Inside the miranda's background it's more pretty ~*~

    endrju icq background 1.0.0

    Downloaded 505× by endrju83

    Modifikace jednoho z pozadí ve stylu ICQ

    Miranda Light Background 1.0

    Downloaded 468× by altglasS

    A simple and light background with the Miranda Logo on it. Inspired by the ICQ5 contact list background

    Silver (XP) 1.0

    Downloaded 499× by zorgg

    Another WinXP-like background. (Row Height = 18px, Tile Vert.)

    Clear Blue 1.1

    Downloaded 500× by SoHo

    Nice clear Background

    Silkyshine background 0.001

    Downloaded 457× by Angeli-Ka

    Tiled gradient bg for Miranda.. double(opposite gradient) and single.. 6 colour-schemes. Bg options: row hight-18 stretch to width tile vertically

    ForestTheme 0.5

    Downloaded 490× by aviv

    2 Forest Theme ! all have top adn list pic .

    clean 1.0

    Downloaded 461× by screen

    another background! Please tell me what you think of it. Maybe you can also tell which icon-set you're using right now, and how it fits into the bg design...

    summer 05 1.0

    Downloaded 483× by screen

    well.. it's a very different style compared to my last few bgs.. I made it today... and you have to know that i had a long night yesterday :D please comment!!

    XP green style 1.1

    Downloaded 528× by Lhai

    I wanted to have a background that fits the green style of win xp... and now I want to share it with those of you who like it ;)

    09 (light green) 1.0

    Downloaded 454× by screen

    white online-bar, light green background. Credits: Some brushes were downloaded from "http://www.rebel-heart.net/brushes/ " (and later used and modified for this work) Feel free to comment!! …

    bg08 (Welcome) 1.0

    Downloaded 444× by screen

    orange background with miranda logo on the uppper right. scratched background, soft gradient in the online bar. If you download it, please comment!! Thanks, Screen

    5 nice BGs with miranda logo 1.0

    Downloaded 453× by screen

    5 different coloured backgrounds with the miranda logo on the top. Please comment, or give me tips Greet'z Screen

    Orange Background 1.0

    Downloaded 445× by Demy

    My first own-build orange background...

    Simple Gradient 0.1

    Downloaded 495× by jim_phelps

    One of the simplest background I've ever created and used, but the people seem to like it.

    Break ya neck 1.0

    Downloaded 523× by Zyzio

    I made this background for ppl which like nature, when u look at your miranda with this background this green colors are very calm, your eyes are resting, It's very relaxing background. ;) it…

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