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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    Background images (page 12/12)

    There are 233 addons in this category.

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    HTT Quality Skin_SE 1.0

    Downloaded 857× by HTT

    Almost the same style as my first release. Go's in style with the "Conversation style messaging plugin".

    HTT Quality Skins 1.0

    Downloaded 778× by HTT

    2 nice background skins for miranda

    Ridges Matte Backgrounds 1.01

    Downloaded 784× by NETknightX

    Clean and simple backgrounds for Miranda in red, blue, green, purple and silver colours. To use, you must check off Scroll with text, Tile vertically, have a row height of 16 pixels and have a…

    Ridges Gradient Backgrounds 1.01

    Downloaded 767× by NETknightX

    Similar to the Ridges Matte Backgrounds except these use a slight gradient effect.

    Bumpy Backgrounds Volume 1 1.0

    Downloaded 759× by glutnix

    A set of 5 funky backgrounds for your miranda. Make sure you read the text file included for bg settings :)

    #336699-color little noise 1.0

    Downloaded 791× by pihta

    so - this my background with a little separated background for icons also i use these colors:(RGB) standart contacts - 153,204,238 offline contacts - 102,153,204 groups - white,bold font -…

    Shades of White (b) 1.00

    Downloaded 747× by ssl

    A few white/gray BORDERED backgrounds . Borders are grey not XP blue . Size is suitable for the 1024x768 range . You will have to resize miranda to fit the backgroud . Once miranda has a borders…

    Keyboard Background 1 1.0

    Downloaded 737× by CiRO

    A keyboard with transparency. Very good for Miranda Build recently. Color: blue Format: BMP Better for 800x600

    Keyboard Background 2 1.0

    Downloaded 740× by CiRO

    A keyboard with transparency. Very good for Miranda Build recently. Color: black Format: BMP Better for 800x600

    ListBG_BoyNC 0.1

    Downloaded 724× by BoyNC

    it's the very first time i make a skin for an application... include 4 pix, rainbow, b&w, sky, and a pretty asian girl 8-) 4 use, u must have the nightbuild Micq and in the…

    CrAx 1.0

    Downloaded 750× by FL3JM

    A backgroundimage for the latest nightly build! Its made for those who like the plain look of miranda and do not want an extreme backgroundimage. Nice plain cracks. Have a look at the previewimage!…

    Watercolour Tiles Background 1.0

    Downloaded 743× by NETknightX

    A background to use in the latest Miranda nightly build. You must set Miranda to have the smallest window width and you need a left margin of 5 pixels. If you use groups, the heading text must be…

    Miranda Colour Background 1.1

    Downloaded 764× by glutnix

    A background to use in the latest miranda nightly build. Nice Miranda website colours. Use with white font and indent spacing of 10. Format is BMP. Hope to see everyone else's bg's soon!

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