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  • WARNING! This is temporary listing of addons from Miranda IM.
    These addons might be incompatible with recent version of Miranda NG so use them with caution.

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    IEView templates (page 7/7)

    There are 139 addons in this category.

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    Smooth Operator Port 1.1

    Downloaded 740× by russellc

    This is a port of Brad Smith's Smooth Operator for AdiumX, a template packaged with AdiumX. PNG transparency does work! So use any background you wish to accompany your conversations! …

    Big Icons (Adium X Port) 1.2

    Downloaded 699× by kpolice

    It's my third template and my first port, you can find the original for Adium X. in http://www.adiumxtras.com/index.php?a=xtras&xtra_id=705. - Included 10 color variations Read the README…

    Stripes template 1.1

    Downloaded 707× by LeON

    Originally made by raq, but he discontinued project, and let me to continue it. A both simple and advanced template. I really liked it but it had no featuer which it has now, and I didn`t like…

    a slim template 1.0

    Downloaded 653× by valrossen

    as stated in the readme: this template contains nothing special at all, it is very boring and contains no eyecandy what so ever. it's a slim template. only. contains 2 versions, one with light…

    HmmXP-pack 2.0

    Downloaded 681× by syrek

    Titel: HmmXP-pack Developer: K.J. van der Ven Nick: Syrek Icons: Borewicz template (temporary) Disclaimer: I made this template to encourage ppl to make high quality templates based on…

    Dragon Template 0.0.2

    Downloaded 715× by DFYX

    I made this template together with cpm. It supports grouping.

    G.A.N.T. Template for IEView 1.1

    Downloaded 774× by maxijazz

    This is my first template for IEView. Made out of G.A.N.T. icon set (original by 'mattahan'). It's made to fit the Miranda I.M. [G.A.N.T. Pack]. More infos about the pack: http://forums.miranda…

    Pastel for IE-View 1.3

    Downloaded 686× by Razor

    A simple template for IE-View.

    Simple HmmXp-ish templates 1.0

    Downloaded 678× by Nightwish

    My own templates for IEView (requires Please read the included README :)

    Madman Template for IEView 1.0 1.1

    Downloaded 651× by Wobbly

    The Madman template is my first crack at a template to use with the IEView plugin. It's nothing flash, with the main emphasis on simple and getting plenty of messages into a relatively small…

    BlendTrans template for IEView v.2

    Downloaded 663× by blueice

    Uses javascript for several features: - old messages are reduced to take less space: only last two messages have time/sender info and are displayed at full font size - a click on the arrow cell in…

    Simple Boxes 0.1

    Downloaded 709× by jim_phelps

    I got a lot of requests, so here it is.

    mini template for IEView 1.03

    Downloaded 699× by oR

    mini template for mini people -messages in and out -history messages in and out -files -url-s -statuses changes -group messages with timestamps

    Borewicz Template for IEView 1.3.1

    Downloaded 666× by win0

    HTML template for IEView (english and polish version). Now with nice *message grouping*!!!

    Plain Color Template for IEView

    Downloaded 697× by Great-er

    A VERY simple template for IEView, nice and easy, no javascript, no tables, a lot of css, nearly no pictures (mostly bg-color and borders). Except the msg/ file/ url/ status/ time/ history icons.…

    Devastatin' Dave Template for IEVie 1.0

    Downloaded 722× by win0

    HTML template for IEView (english and polish version). Doesn't support message grouping (yet).

    Stripes Template for IEView v.1

    Downloaded 662× by raq

    it's a template for plugin IEView, not complicated but maybe someone will like it :) NOT supporting message grouping !

    CleanScan 1.0 (mod by raq) v.1

    Downloaded 774× by raq

    I modyfied CleanScan 1.0 made by rAZfAZ now it's ok with any size of message window and has specific outlook :)

    CleanScan 1.0

    Downloaded 695× by rAZfAZ

    My first dialog style for the IEView plugin. A HTML preview can be found @ http://www.monotonique.de/ieview/CleanScan

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