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    Find Fast

    Autor: eko
    Lizenz: Freeware
    Voraussetzungen: clist with multiwindow - tested with mw_clist

    Hinzugefügt: 13.5.2006
    Aktualisiert: 11.3.2007
    Heruntergeladen: 287×

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    ************* Find Fast - Readme ************************
    What for?
    Find Fast is for find a friend quickly.
    Find Fast is on contact list

    Screen shot from old version
    source code not very clean,yet
    [+]some clist that support multi frames
    [+]tested with Miranda 0.4.3 alpha build #50 + clist_mw

    the plugin is more helpful (in my opinion) when
    options - contact list - list
    "show selection even when list is not focused" is checked
    FindFast - multiwin version

    How to use:
    just copy the plug into plugins folder (make sure you are not running multwinplug)
    Keys Default keys
    Global key - Alt + F6
    Local Key - F6
    Next Contact - Ctrl + N
    Pattern Search List - Ctrl + P(cant be change) but you can add another one
    PopUp editwindow - Ctrl + F
    Open Message window - Enter(cant be change) and Ctrl+M
    Open Menu(contact) - Ctrl+Enter(cant be change) and Ctrl + U
    Run - Ctrl + R
    Search( google ) - Ctrl + S
    [can be on any search engine - just write your favorite search string on options]

    Note: only Global Key and Popup editwindow are global keys
    all others are local

    Menu right click on the editwindow popups FindFast's menu
    holding left button and right click popups default edit menu

    Pattern Search Functions see options
    you can choose between 3 options
    1. dont have pattern search at all (fastest
    2. pattern search on the listbox(works fine)
    3. pattern search on contact list(work slow on huge contact lists) - TIP! - CANCEL GROUPS

    * note option 3 works slow because the way miranda do hide/show user on list

    NOTE: you must write atlest 2 letters
    i did it this way because i dont think it worth searching
    a pattern for less

    Hide the list - ESC , Ctrl + p

    [+]Find Fast's menu in list
    if this options is set right click on PatternList
    will popup FindFast Menu otherwise Rightclick will
    hide the list.
    [+]Auto Pop up
    Pop up the list if found a pattern
    [+]Auto clear list after double click
    [+]Auto Hide list after double click
    hide the list on rewrite in the editbox as well

    version ; 10.3.2007 - public version
    [+] crashes have been fixed ;] !!!! , i didnt memory (cmp Contactlist,0)
    [+] fix backspace problem on OnContactSearch
    [+] clean some code , still there is a work to do
    [+] reset button set all user to visibile