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    MetaContacts Plugin

    Autor: sje
    Lizenz: Open Source - GPL

    Hinzugefügt: 30.11.2004
    Aktualisiert: 31.3.2009
    Heruntergeladen: 191×

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    Joins multiple contacts into one. Based on the original by glatapoui.

    This plugin allows you to convert a contact to a 'metacontact' (using an option in the contact's menu) - you can then add other contacts to it. The contacts converted or added to the metacontact are hidden, leaving only the meta contact showing in the contact list. You can then send/receive files and messages via the metacontact.

    This plugin functions as a protocol, so you can set the icons used for metacontacts.

    MetaContacts are usually only displayed when 'groups' are enabled in the contact list - unless the clist supports MetaContacts explicitly. Use the main menu 'toggle metacontacts on/off' option to deal with contacts individually.

    Each metacontact has a 'default' contact, to which it prefers to send files/messages and from which it prefers to read status. This default will be overridden in cases where the default contact is not the 'most online'. E.g., if the default contact is 'out to lunch' but another contact is 'online', messages will go to the latter. You can override this behaviour using the 'always send to default' option.

    Nightwish has kindly made mods to tabSRMM, NewEventNotify, and CList Nicer+ specifically for metacontacts. This TabSRMM displays and allows control over the active protocol. His NewEventNotify prevents double popups. Check out his site:


    FYR has produced a mod of bethoven's MultiWindow CList (clist_mw - for miranda 0.4+) that allows replacement of metacontact icons with subcontact icons, suppression of the icon in the system tray and the tooltip entry when the protocol is 'hidden', expandable metacontacts, and more:


    Current source repository is accessible via SVN. You can get more information, as well as links to my other plugins, at http://www.scottellis.com.au